9 Hilarious Instances of Feline Catnip Indulgence Resulting in “Cat.exe” System Failure

As a cat parent, having sachets of green powder in your stash carries a completely different meaning compared to the rest of the world. This green powder is known as catnip, a magical dust that can transform your domestic feline companions into wild jungle cats within two seconds. Upon sniffing or ingesting it, it has the power to render them completely motionless, akin to being a fur-covered stone. Welcome to the enchanting universe of catnip, where cats become stoned and refuse to stop indulging in it.

Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria, is an herb that bears similarity to mint. It contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone, which triggers a response from the pheromone receptors in cats, causing them to lose their minds and go berserk. While the herb has a sedative effect on cats when ingested, each feline reacts differently to its magic, with some being immune to its effects altogether. However, some cats are notorious for having extreme reactions to catnip, as you’ll discover from our list below.

1. My Kitten Found The Catnip Drawer And Immediately Had An Existential Crisis.

My Kitten Found The Catnip Drawer And Immediately Had An Existential Crisis

Article on kingdomofanimals.com

Take a look at the adorable feline lying on the ground – seems like he’s checking up on Jonny.
Number two on the list: Guess who discovered the catnip while I was gone!

Look Who Found The Catnip While I Was Out

The latest report from kingdomofanimals.com is all about cat shaming and specifically focuses on the catnip edition. In this report, we’ll explore the hilarious world of cats and their love for catnip. So sit back, relax and get ready to laugh as we delve into the antics of our feline friends.

Cat Shaming: Catnip Edition


Get to Know Bynx: The Cat Who Can’t Resist Catnip

Meet Bynx: She Can’t Handle Her Catnip

As per the report from kingdomofanimals.com, my feline friend tends to indulge in some bizarre behavior when under the influence of catnip. Upon placing the herb on a plate, my cat has been known to try and nibble on the plate itself once fully “stoned.”

The Cat That Found The Stash

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Topic: I had forgotten that I was growing catnip.

Forgot I Had Catnip Growing

I just introduced my cat to catnip today and it was quite the experience! I’m sure she/he will be hooked for life now. But it looks like I made a mistake by not introducing it sooner. Now my furry friend might be traumatized that I kept this amazing treat from her/him. Oops!

Introduced My Cat To Catnip Today

The report provided by kingdomofanimals.com shows a picture of an animal that seems to be on the verge of sneezing. One of the users, Catnip Catnap, has commented on the picture.

Catnip Catnap

The Joy of Watching Your Cat Experience Fresh Garden Catnip for the First Time on KingdomofAnimals.com

His First Try Of Catnip, Fresh From The Garden

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