A Canine’s Quest for Love: From Loneliness and Stone-Throwing to Finding Her Forever Home

The MoHo reported that on August 20th, a sorrowful puppy was discovered. Just by looking at her, it is evident that she had gone through a lot of pain.

This poor dog had a rough time being mistreated because of her appearance. She was pelted with stones and trash, even had other dogs bite her, just because she was considered too ugly. Thankfully, a rescue team found her and discovered that most of her fur was gone.

Fortunately, Juana has not lost her appetite despite her unfortunate situation. She managed to consume all of the food provided, which is crucial for her recovery. However, her skin condition is more severe than initially anticipated. For the first three days, she experienced persistent itching and bleeding.

After receiving intense skin treatment and satisfying her hearty appetite for about five days, Juana noticed a significant improvement in her skin. Additionally, she had to undergo shaving of all her old hair to facilitate new hair growth and make it easier for skin topical creams to be applied.

After being rescued, Juana finally got to enjoy her first sunny walk in years in just two weeks.

Juana has been experiencing a delay in full hair growth due to the skin effect. Despite being fully cured and surrounded by love and kisses, her hair hasn’t yet grown completely even after a month. Fortunately, she’s still happy and wags her tail while being spoken to gently.

After being saved, Juana was able to find her new loving mother just two months later. She is now happy and thriving in her new home, where she receives constant love and affection. It seems that she has found the best mother in the world, as she has already started to show her appreciation by giving smiles and kisses.

Wow, it’s been two years and she’s really changed, hasn’t she? She’s now living in a loving home!

According to her mother, Juana is an absolute angel, and it was a wonderful privilege and source of immense happiness to have been beside her today.

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