A Dog in Distress: Howling in Pain and Fighting to Stay Alive After Suffering Head Trauma

Although Michi may seem like an endearing and lovable ‘teddy bear’, her history is far from pleasant. Our team discovered Michi wandering the streets of Bali with a perilous head injury that could have resulted in her untimely demise. Despite recognizing the urgency of veterinary attention, Michi eluded our rescue efforts and sought refuge in a sewer. We waited for three excruciating hours in the gutter, hoping to catch a glimpse of her whereabouts or any sign of hope. When we finally secured her rescue and brought her to the veterinarian, it was discovered that her head injury was infested with maggots. It remains unclear whether the injury was inflicted by a human or sustained during a scuffle with another dog. Regardless of the cause, we knew Michi was in dire need of assistance.

Having a fixed schedule for your furry friend, which involves their feeding and walking routine, can aid them in adapting to their new surroundings and feeling calm. Our observations have shown that dogs who have undergone significant emotional distress tend to recover faster when they are exposed to healthy, vaccinated dogs. They learn to socialize and build relationships by observing interactions with humans and other canines.


Michi unfortunately fell ill with the parvovirus while under foster care, likely from contact with an infected dog. It’s important for foster homes to be safe and secure to prevent the spread of highly contagious diseases like parvovirus. Despite the situation, Michi’s advanced age and strong immune system helped her pull through. The day Michi met Saffron, her new loving owner, was a beautiful moment that brought us all to tears. Now, Michi has found her forever home alongside Saffron and her other rescue dog Garscon, creating a special little family in Bali. We want to highlight our thorough screening process for potential adopters, which includes an online application and a home inspection to ensure a safe and secure environment for the pet.


Saffron traveled for one and a half hours to meet Michi, and their immediate connection was undeniable. We were all moved to tears as we watched Michi recover from parvo in the clinic, knowing that this was where he belonged – with Saffron forever. The love and support of the dog-loving community played a vital role in making this possible, and we are grateful for it. Our goal is to help more dogs like Michi, which is why we are excited to announce the upcoming construction of The Recovery Centre – a personalized sanctuary for all our rescued animals.


With this, we can increase the number of rescued animals and offer them the necessary attention and assistance to help them recuperate and flourish.

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