A Feline in Need: A Blind and Wobbly Rescue Kitten Hoping for a Loving Home

Introducing Whirlwind Natalie, an adorable and full-of-life special needs kitten residing in Minnesota, searching for her forever home. This charming feline has overcome numerous hurdles and remains unwaveringly optimistic. Kris Kaiser, Natalie’s foster mom, shares about the remarkable kitty in the following account.

@whirlwindnatalie’s Origin Story
One day, while browsing through a Facebook group dedicated to cats with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), I stumbled upon a photo of a little kitten named Natalie. The post was made by a compassionate lady named Katt who found her listed for free on the internet when she was only five weeks old. Worried that she might end up in the wrong hands, Katt took it upon herself to rescue Natalie. Katt then reached out to the Facebook group, seeking assistance from someone who had experience looking after wobbly kitties like Natalie.

As a foster caregiver for Kitty Revolution, I specialize in taking care of wobbly kittens with CH. Recently, I was fostering a kitten named Snapple and thought it would be great for him to have a feline friend like Whirlwind Natalie. I made arrangements to pick up Natalie the following day and gave her the nickname “Whirlwind” due to her adorable habit of twirling and wobbling because of CH.

Upon Natalie’s arrival under my care, she was diagnosed with a severe case of parasites and coccidia which were duly treated. Upon familiarizing myself with her, I observed her inability to see. Veterinary examination later confirmed her blindness, however, this didn’t hinder her spiritedness in the least. Natalie is remarkably courageous and adaptable!

As soon as Natalie arrived, she quickly made herself at home and didn’t shy away from showing off her charming and spunky character. She was eager to meet Snapple, but first needed to undergo treatment for parasites to ensure a safe introduction. After getting the all-clear from the vet, Snapple and Natalie hit it off right away and became fast companions!

@whirlwindnatalie’s Farewell
After going through spay surgery last December, Natalie experienced discomfort in her mouth. This led to her receiving dental surgery to fix her delayed teething that caused her pain. Fortunately, the procedure was successful, and she no longer experiences any mouth issues. However, Natalie’s close companion, Snapple, found a perfect home in Hawaii, leaving Natalie without a familiar companion. As a result, Natalie is now seeking a loving and permanent family to call her own.

@whirlwindnatalie is on the lookout for a loving and supportive family who can provide her with a forever home. Despite her disability, Natalie is an energetic and lively individual who does not allow her condition to hinder her zest for life. However, to ensure her safety, comfort, and enjoyment, her new home will require some special accommodations. For instance, she needs customized litter boxes and feeding stations that are designed to help her move around easily. Fortunately, she has a feeding station that is specially built to support her while she eats and prevents her from tipping over. Hence, if you are interested in adopting Natalie, be ready to give her the attention, love, and care she needs to thrive.

@whirlwindnatalie relies on certain modifications around the house to help her move around more easily and independently. These include raised food bowls, modified litter boxes, carpet, rugs, and ramps. Her safety is of utmost importance, which is why she needs limited access to stairs until she gets used to her surroundings. A home with carpet and a family that can make a few changes to ensure her safety would be ideal for her. Furthermore, Natalie needs some assistance with daily grooming and requires annual dental check-ups.

@whirlwindnatalie is a playful pup with an exceptional talent for chasing noisy toys. Despite her blindness, Natalie’s liveliness is hard to miss! Although she may wobble a bit, as long as there are solid carpets or rugs for good traction and padding, she gets about just fine. Natalie is very affectionate, loves being cuddled and petted. She’d make a great companion for anyone who can accommodate her needs.

@whirlwindnatalie is a bundle of energy and loves being around people. She’s a social butterfly who craves companionship, especially that of a young feline friend with whom she can play and wrestle. Her bubbly personality is sure to bring joy and happiness to her new forever family. So if you’re looking for an energetic and affectionate companion, Natalie might just be the perfect addition to your home.

@whirlwindnatalie has some exciting news to share! Natalie, the adorable whirlwind of energy, has found her forever home with a loving family. Thanks to Kris’s dedication and perseverance, Natalie was placed in the perfect home where she can spin and tumble to her heart’s content. Her new family has gone above and beyond to accommodate all of her needs, and she even gained a playful cat sibling to wrestle with. Natalie is finally living happily ever after, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Saying goodbye to foster cats can be tough, but for Kris, it means she gets to welcome new rescue cats into her home. And while it’s bittersweet, she always looks forward to finding them their forever homes. Recently, Natalie found her forever family and they keep in touch with Kris by sending her regular updates on how she’s doing. If you want to see more of Natalie’s journey, you can follow her on Instagram. And if you’re a fan of adorable wobbly cats, make sure to follow Kris (@TippyTuxies) too!

Hey there! Have you heard about cerebellar hypoplasia? It’s a condition where the cerebellum, the part of the brain responsible for motor control and coordination, doesn’t fully develop before birth. As a result, animals with CH may experience jerky movements, clumsiness, and tremors. This is a congenital condition, meaning they’re born with it, but don’t worry, they’re not in any pain and don’t know any different.

@whirlwindnatalie explains that while CH has no cure or treatment available, cats with the condition can learn to adapt and compensate for it. This can lead to an apparent improvement in their condition, particularly during the first year. Due to difficulties with jumping, many CH cats develop impressive climbing abilities instead. Playing with them regularly can also help to strengthen their leg muscles, which ultimately aids their mobility. It’s worth noting that CH doesn’t worsen over time and doesn’t cause any discomfort for the cats affected by it.

Feline cerebellar hypoplasia, commonly referred to as CH, doesn’t have any significant impact on a cat’s lifespan or cause any other health issues. However, due to their shaky movements and inclination to tumble, CH cats may sustain injuries that require additional medical attention. It’s not unusual for CH cats to chip or break their teeth, but this can be prevented with a few modifications. Despite their disability, these felines don’t let anything get in the way of leading a fulfilling life. Take Natalie, for example – she’s a cheerful and playful kitten who inspires joy in everyone she meets! Want to receive more stories like this straight to your inbox? Subscribe now!

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