“A Feline’s Heartwarming Tale: From Raising a Miracle Kitten to Comforting Another in Distress”

A cat named Savannah was brought to Be Their Voice Animal Rescue in Atlanta, GA, in a very weak state, as she was heavily pregnant and had several health issues. But despite her condition, Savannah remained calm and reassured. After two days, she gave birth to five kittens but unfortunately, they started to decline the next day. One of her kittens, Tybee, fought hard and survived with excellent care from Savannah and bottle feedings from Aimee. They also accepted a tiny orphaned kitten named George whom Savannah treated like her own. As Tybee grew, he would always end up cuddled with his mama. The rescue hoped to find them a loving home together and after almost a year in foster care, the duo has finally found their forever home.

cat bonded snuggling sleeping

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