A Furry Charmster: The One-Eared Tabby Who Won Us Over with a Wave and a Hop

The little feline wandered around the animal shelter, politely greeting anyone he came across with a cute little wave from his one ear. He was clearly eager for someone to give him the attention and love he so desperately craved.

Upon arriving at The Alaska Humane Society, Hopper, a 9-month-old kitten, was surrendered by his previous family who couldn’t care for him anymore. Despite his new surroundings, he exuded youthful energy and yearned to be showered with affection. After receiving necessary medical attention, which included neutering, Hopper was moved to the recovery room to rest. However, the restless feline had his eyes set on finding his forever family. As soon as he regained consciousness, he stood on his hind legs and sought attention from anyone who was within sight. Although Hopper’s ear deformity is attributed to an old injury, it doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. To the contrary, it only adds to his charming and endearing features, which he wears with pride.

Shannon Basner, the founder of KAAATs in Alaska, describes Hopper as an adorable and lively male cat with sophistication and a delightful personality. Although he loves to play, his primary aim is to give and receive affection. Hopper has quickly made friends with the shelter’s team and helpers due to his amiable nature and constant need for attention. He is a communicative and incredibly loving feline who craves human company.

Originally, the plan was to let Hopper fully recuperate before putting him up for adoption. However, it seems the charming cat had other ideas and was eager to find his forever home. Coincidentally, a couple from Alaska was on the hunt for a new furry friend and had arranged to meet Hopper at the shelter. Unfortunately, during their weekend visit, Hopper was taking a nap in a different room.

While perusing the selection of adoptable cats, one curious little furball stood out. This quirky feline had only one ear and a penchant for seeking love and attention. After hearing about this unique kitty from a shelter volunteer named Arleen, our heroes decided to pay Hopper a visit. As soon as they entered the back room, Hopper bounded over with an endearing affection, solidifying their instant connection. Shannon shared with Love Meow that Hopper had given them a clear sign that they were destined to be a purrfect match.

As soon as the couple entered the room, Hopper jumped up on his hind legs and enthusiastically waved his paws in the air. His adorable one-eared look and innocent, big eyes were so charming that the couple couldn’t resist his affectionate display. Hopper was persistent in seeking their attention and love, refusing to take no for an answer. The couple felt an instant connection with him and knew that he was the perfect furry companion they had been looking for.

Love Meow had an interview with Shannon who expressed her love for Hopper and how they both instantly fell in love with each other when Hopper extended his cute little paws. It was a moment of mutual understanding as Hopper felt at ease being held by his new owner. It was a nice surprise that Hopper didn’t have to be put on display in the adoption area.

When this couple went to the animal shelter, they were hoping to meet a variety of cats. However, they were pleasantly surprised when a special feline with only one ear chose them instead. They quickly formed a bond with this charming kitty and knew they had found their new furry friend. They are excited to start a new journey with Hopper as their beloved companion.

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