“A Heartwarming Bond between Two Blind Cats: Their Dependence on Each Other for Survival”

There is an extraordinary bond between two cats who are both visually impaired, relying on each other for all their needs.

best friends blind cats

The story takes place in Brisbane, Australia, where a veterinary clinic recently rescued two absolutely adorable kittens who were in dire need of assistance. These furry felines were blind, covered in fleas, and suffering from stomach problems. Fortunately, Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue organization, stepped forward to take them under their care without hesitation. According to Nikki of Best Friends Felines, the orange kitten has “no eyeballs,” while the other kitten has “tiny malformed eyeballs.” Despite their disabilities, these sisters managed to win the hearts of volunteers with their friendly personalities and impressive navigation skills.

bonded blind kittens

Upon their arrival at the veterinary clinic, these cute kittens were in dire need of assistance. Luckily, Best Friends Felines came to their rescue and provided them with a foster mom named Kerry, who set up an enclosure for them to explore their new surroundings gradually. However, to Kerry’s surprise, Pearl and Miley quickly adapted and took over the entire kitten room. These affectionate and playful kittens never miss a litter tray and enjoy nothing more than cuddling. Their carers have affectionately named them Pearl, a gorgeous colorpoint kitten, and Miley, a charming ginger kitty with a permanent smile on her face.

smiley blind kitten cat

Miley wears a joyful expression on her face as she enjoys quality time with her beloved feline companions. Kerry is amazed by the kittens, remarking that they possess an incredible ability to achieve anything they set their minds to. These adorable creatures display exceptional litter habits and can effortlessly find their food and water bowls. They play as any other playful kittens would and are even known to be little adventurers. These curious kittens have explored every nook and cranny of the room, knowing exactly where everything is located.

blind kittens cat tree

The cats at Best Friends Felines organization are truly impressive. Despite being visually impaired, Pearl and Miley are always full of energy and inquisitiveness. It’s heartwarming to witness their sense of accomplishment when they perch on top of the cat tree, as if they know they achieved something great. It’s evident that these two felines refuse to let anything hinder them.

blind cats best friends

The inseparable duo from Best Friends Felines is a sight to behold as they do everything together, despite both being blind. Their ability to navigate the room effortlessly is quite impressive. Kerry, their caretaker, finds joy in observing them play and interact with each other. During the first week of foster care, she couldn’t help but notice the special bond between the two girls, which always brings a smile to her face.

blind kittens holding paws

The two female cats absolutely adore being in each other’s company and they often snuggle up together and even hold hands. They have an inseparable bond, and when one of them wanders away, the other one becomes concerned. Their closeness was apparent during their visit to the veterinarian, as they arrived in the same carrier. When one of the cats was taken out for examination, the other became anxious and tried to escape to be reunited with her sister. It is evident that both cats care deeply for each other’s happiness and safety and want to be near each other at all times.

blind kittens bonded

Best Friends Felines had an uplifting experience when they took in a pair of kittens named Pearl and Miley. During their examination, the two kittens sat quietly together, cementing the belief that they were inseparable. Kerry, a cat fosterer with more than 15 years of experience, was amazed by the deep bond between these two felines. It was evident that separating them was not an option as they relied on each other for comfort and support.

blind kittens playing

The cute cats from Best Friends Felines have successfully recovered from their health issues and are now enthusiastically exploring the rest of the house. During the day, the kitten room door remains open, allowing them to freely roam and venture beyond their designated area. Although they haven’t explored much yet, their natural curiosity is driving them to discover new places and things. Stay tuned for more updates on their exciting adventures!

miley the blind kitten

My beloved cats absolutely adore their cardboard scratcher and feather wand that has tinkling bells attached to it. It’s truly amazing how they can catch the wand with such precision, leaving us humans completely amazed each time they do it.

pearl the blind kitten


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