A Heartwarming Rescue: Shelter Rescues Unwanted Kittens Found Soaked in the Parking Lot

It’s baffling to think why anyone would just leave a box of kittens in the parking lot of an animal shelter without even bothering to go inside. And to top it off, they left the poor little things out in the rain. Unfortunately, this kind of heartless abandonment happens all too often in shelters and rescue organizations everywhere. Recently, a video from Kings County Animal Services in Hanford, California, went viral on Instagram. The video, which originated from the shelter’s TikTok account, has racked up over 1.9 million views. It’s unclear how long the kittens were left huddled together in the box.

box of kittens left in parking lot

TikTok account “kingscoanimalservices” shared an alarming incident where a bunch of adorable kittens were found abandoned in a box just a few steps away from their shelter’s entrance. The caption accompanying the images expressed shock and disappointment at the cruel act.

box of kittens, blue eyes

It can be incredibly aggravating to witness a cardboard box, just a few feet away from a huge banner with the shelter’s phone and text numbers, left out in the rain with beautiful kittens inside. The pavement is soaked from the downpour, and the box is wide open. As someone opens it up, you are met with the sight of three lovely kittens huddled together under a blue blanket, their bright blue eyes shining. Thankfully, the shelter staff promptly takes care of them, cleaning them up and making sure they are comfortable and dry. “We made sure to get these little ones cozy and warm ASAP,” the caption reads.

soaking kittens in cardboard box, box of kittens

It’s heartbreaking to watch the camera pan towards a kennel where little kittens are sleeping, only to be followed by a plea from the shelter staff: “I urge you to not leave your animals behind.”

blue-eyed kitten in shelter

Commenters were perplexed about the reason behind someone’s decision to get near but not save the kittens. The helpless felines were vulnerable and could have faced various disasters if left unattended.

two kittens in blue blanket

There are individuals who have attempted to justify the abandonment of babies near a shelter by claiming that at least they were left in a safe place. However, can we really find any justification for such an act of neglect and inhumanity? Certainly not in the world we strive for. It is heart-wrenching to hear about instances where people have shaken babies to the point of tears.



It’s difficult for me to comprehend how someone could simply leave them behind.


“I completely agree,” uttered an individual. A multitude of individuals also echoed the same feeling as it appeared that the person who departed lacked the ability to empathize.

cute rescued kitten

It’s amazing to see how many compassionate individuals stepped forward to adopt the kittens and even gave them names. It warms the heart to witness people going above and beyond to assist in such situations. However, a few unkind individuals can make it difficult and inflict unnecessary pain. Check out the TikTok video below to see a touching rescue of cats abandoned on the roadside. Fortunately, the tale of the deserted litter had a positive outcome, and the kittens are on their way to finding a forever home together. Meanwhile, the shelter must rescue another mother cat and her kitten.

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