A Kind-hearted Homeless Man Cares for a Pack of 30 Stray Dogs in an Abandoned Site


Your benevolent nature and enormous compassion are truly admirable! It’s important to note that wealth isn’t the only thing that matters. Even though money may have limitations, this man’s affection is boundless!

I appreciate your support, kind heart, and compassion towards those in need. It’s amazing how poverty doesn’t hinder someone from showing empathy to others. Oleg is a wonderful person who currently takes care of 30 stray dogs.


It was discovered that three years ago, a man saved two dogs but couldn’t afford to get them spayed or neutered. This resulted in him now owning 30 dogs. Even though his living situation is challenging, Oleg works hard to ensure that the dogs have all their necessities.

The kind act of Oleg stirred the hearts of many individuals, prompting Love Furry Friends rescuers to extend their support by contributing dog food and offering assistance to him for a better life. The rescue team also aided the family’s three kids in securing a reliable shelter.


Observing their surroundings, they spotted a diverse range of furry friends, from young pups to fully grown adults. Each one had their own designated spot where they felt safe and secure. While some dogs were in hiding, others were freely roaming around and playing without a care in the world. Despite their varying circumstances, they appeared content and filled with joy. One particular little pup, named Borya, stood out amongst the pack. Oleg shared that he wasn’t from the same litter as the others, but was rescued from an area near the road. Borya seemed to be enamored with Oleg, following him wherever he went.

Once they had met all of the adorable pups, it was time to head home. But not before promising to return the next day with a supply of food for Oleg and his furry friends. When they arrived the following day with bags of grub, the dogs’ noses immediately perked up and they ecstatically ran towards the scent. These four-legged cuties had clearly never experienced such an abundance of food before, so the rescuers made sure to spread it around in piles so that everyone got their fair share. Of course, they also filled up the pups’ water bowls with clean, fresh H2O.

During our tour, Oleg informed me about some adorable puppies living in the burrows nearby. Unfortunately, their current living arrangement is quite hazardous. These furry friends need to be relocated as soon as possible, as they spend most of their time in small holes that are prone to collapsing and suffocating them. It’s heartbreaking to hear that some of these innocent animals have already passed away due to this danger.

The puppies were finally able to find their permanent homes but the first puppy, Borya, was adopted quickly. It didn’t take much time for people over the internet to show interest in this adorable little pup. A man who was impressed by Borya’s loyalty contacted the shelter and expressed his desire to give him a forever home. This news brought joy to Oleg, and he happily bid farewell to Borya, wishing him the best of luck with his new family.

Moreover, to control the puppy population, the female dogs are spayed. Regrettably, some of the dogs are experiencing health issues such as Tima’s injury caused by a fish and Julie’s vision impairment. Thankfully, they receive immediate medical attention, and they are expected to get adopted soon.

This gentleman is an incredible dog hero, possessing a compassionate and generous heart. We express our gratitude for your admirable actions and wish you the very best. Let this serve as a lesson to others to spread love and kindness through compassion.

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