A Nursery Inspection Reveals the Presence of Unwanted Guests Among the Greenery

Recently, an employee of a nursery in Southern California was busy taking care of plants when he noticed a dark figure in his peripheral vision. As he turned his head, he saw a brown dog at the far end of the garden, and it was clear to him that he had never seen the animal before. When he approached the pup, the nervous dog quickly ran towards the back of the nursery. The concerned worker followed him, and it was clear that he was worried about the dog’s safety. Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue, shared these details with The Dodo.

The concerned employee was determined to rescue his newfound furry friend, but unfortunately, the scared little pup was not willing to let anyone come near it. Despite the challenge, the worker decided to take care of the dog as much as he could while at work, while coming up with a plan to capture it. During the day, he would leave food and water out for the pup to consume, and when he went home at night, he would worry about the dog’s safety while it stayed at the nursery. Every day, after completing his work shift, he would pray that the dog would still be around the next morning, especially since there were lots of coyotes on the premises at night. However, he noticed that the dog always managed to stay safe, and it would return every day. The worker took the time to talk to the pup whenever possible, and soon enough, the pup started to warm up to him.

Despite attempts to approach the dog, the worker was unsuccessful due to the potential presence of coyotes on the property. Consequently, Logan’s Legacy was contacted for assistance. Upon arrival, Hall noticed that the dog, who was later named Rollo, displayed hesitance in leaving the nursery. Given that Rollo was reported to be timid, Hall anticipated difficulties in coaxing him out. However, Rollo’s reluctance to leave was not rooted in fear but rather in affection. “He couldn’t bear to stay there any longer, but he didn’t want to leave his companion,” Hall revealed.

In due time, Hall managed to capture Rollo successfully using a trap. Regrettably, he couldn’t take the dog with him, but he bid farewell to his new companion with an affectionate pep talk. Presently, Rollo has been rescued for several days, and Logan’s Legacy is still hard at work in search of a suitable forever home for the pup.

At present, the adorable young lad is relishing all the love and care showered upon him by the compassionate team at Camino Pet Hospital. It’s apparent that Rollo has had a rough past, but the efforts of the nurturing caretakers have set him on a path to lead an extraordinary life. Hall is thrilled by the cute little boy’s presence and expresses gratitude to the worker who safeguarded him. Don’t forget to spread the word amongst your near and dear ones.

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