A Resilient Pup’s Determination To Comfort Mom Despite Illness.

Life on the streets is not just hard for humans, but for animals as well. They go through starvation, lack of shelter, and clean water. There are some groups trying to help by providing food or shelter, and one such group is the Animal Aid charity. This foundation is doing an amazing job in helping animals all around the world. They offer support to stray animals in various ways like providing them with shelter, food, and medical treatment.

Recently, they received a call about a puppy that was suffering from severe mange. Mange is a difficult disease to cure, even with proper care and love. Unfortunately, the puppy’s condition had worsened, and she had lost all her hair. Her hair loss made her vulnerable to secondary infections, parasites, and sunburns. Animal Aid quickly sent volunteers to help the puppy. Despite being hungry, the puppy refused to get picked up.

Animal Aid is continuously working to help animals in need. They are doing an incredible job in providing support and care to stray animals worldwide.

The reason why the pooch was wandering on the streets was that she had just given birth to a litter of puppies. After much effort and a few doggy snacks, the kind-hearted volunteer was able to rescue the mother dog. The next task was to locate her precious pups.

When the puppies of Momma were found, they were in a bad state due to mangy skin and Coco was also in a very poor physical condition. One of our volunteers picked up the most vulnerable puppy and took her to her mother to save both dogs. Coco will be given a new lease on life that she has been deserving of.

As Momma was positioned onto the table for examination, her skin was visibly affected by mange. To help with her condition, she needed to undergo frequent topical antibiotic treatments and medicinal baths. Despite her fear, the medical staff provided her with a calming presence and were dedicated to ensuring her full recovery through proper nourishment and care.

Coco underwent a medical examination and was found to be underweight and inactive. The team that applied the topical treatment to her skin provided her with extra care and love. Her dermatological baths would have to be done on a routine basis. Fortunately, the rescue facility allowed both the mother and her offspring to remain there while they were healing.

After a while, the furry four-legged creatures finally felt at ease and confident enough to indulge in their first meal. Momma and Coco were not accustomed to cages or interacting with humans in this manner, but one of the compassionate volunteers kneeled down and offered them a savory dish. As soon as the pups started munching on it, the atmosphere in the room became more joyful and cheerful, especially among the dedicated helpers.

Despite being safe, the dogs found themselves in a new and unknown environment. Little Coco, who was delicate and small, held onto her mother tightly whenever possible. She could only rest while curled up against her mother’s warm body. It was truly a beautiful moment to see the love between them, so strong and undeniable.

After diligent therapy sessions, Coco and her mother experienced a great improvement in their condition. Coco’s energy level even increased to the point that she wanted to play, though it frustrated her mother. The volunteers were pleasantly surprised when something heartwarming occurred. Coco began to observe and copy her mother’s actions closely. Whenever Momma scratched her ear, Coco followed suit. If Momma sat down to scratch herself, Coco did the same. What was even more heartening was that Coco never took her eyes off her mother.

I express my gratitude to Animal Aid for their exceptional efforts in assisting animals in distress. Kindly check out the video below, containing a heart-warming story that concludes with an extremely joyous outcome!

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