A Tale of Resilience: The Struggle of a Malnourished Stray Dog to Survive Hunger and Thirst.

Barilla, a dog in Granada, Spain, was taken to a cat and dog rescue center in a pitiful state. She was extremely underweight, with several internal organs not functioning correctly. Additionally, her muscles were weak, and she could no longer walk, leaving her paralyzed in only one area.

The employees working at the center were extremely concerned about the well-being of Barilla, who was severely underweight at just 7.2kg. They feared that her condition was critical and doubted whether she could make it through. Despite being only one night late, it wasn’t enough to save her life.
Due to her inability to stand on her own, the staff provided her with a supportive prop to help her build muscle. To ensure proper hydration, she was given water for six hours before introducing any nourishment.
Furthermore, Barilla had scratches on all four of her legs due to crawling on the ground. Although she was able to get up and drink water after the six-hour water supply, her strength didn’t last long.

Barilla underwent a week of therapy and received attentive care, resulting in a weight gain of 4kg. Unfortunately, she still struggles with standing or walking for prolonged periods and experiences frequent falls. It took Barilla an additional 6 weeks to start eating normally, but once she did, she exhibited the same vitality as any other hale and hearty canine. Barilla’s unwavering commitment to the staff that cared for her was greatly appreciated.

Eduardo Rodriguez, the 37-year-old owner of the shelter, fell in love with Barilla and decided to adopt her. Barilla now resides with Eduardo, his wife, his 14-year-old daughter, and five other furry companions in their Rodriguez home located on the outskirts of Granada. After spending several months living on the streets, Barilla finally has a place to call her own.

According to Anh Rodriguez, he recently adopted a dog for the first time after losing one of his dogs in an accident five years ago. He was amazed by the dog’s determination to survive and immediately felt a bond with her when he saw her for the first time.

Right from the start, Anh Rodriguez and Barilla had a strong bond and showed great dedication towards each other. Barilla’s recovery has been nothing short of amazing, as she has been consuming 5-6 meals every day since the fourth day of her rescue and has been gaining a kilogram of weight daily. Currently, Barilla weighs 20.8 kg and her health has improved vastly, with only minor issues remaining to be resolved.

The community stumbled upon Barilla and notified the rescue center and authorities. Barilla was only ten months old at the time of her rescue. Law enforcement is currently investigating the individual(s) responsible for mistreating the helpless pup. Don’t forget to spread the word to your loved ones!

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