Abandoned Baby Animal Found on Street, Overcomes Fear to Place Trust in Humans

Introducing Pleasure, a little furry friend who was abandoned on the streets. Without his mother’s care, he was small and vulnerable, unable to fend for himself and appeared to have an uncertain future. However, thanks to the compassionate volunteers of Howl Of A Canine, a charitable organization committed to saving animals in Romania, they discovered him and took him to their facility.

When Pleasure arrived at the shelter, it was considered his “birth” day because he was just a tiny 160 grams. As is common with orphaned newborn puppies, he was incredibly fragile and had various physical limitations, such as being blind, deaf, toothless, and unable to regulate his body temperature. Nevertheless, the shelter staff worked hard to provide him with the care he needed to grow and thrive.

With the help of caretakers, the little one spent the first week of his life mostly sleeping and feeding. It took three weeks before he finally opened his eyes, which gave him the chance to start discovering his surroundings and making friends with other fuzzy creatures. By the time he reached seven weeks old, he was strong enough to eat by himself. And as soon as he was ready for adoption, everyone pitched in to find him a loving new home.

After four months, the Howl Of A Canine team received great news that Pleasure has been adopted by a lovely Dutch family who adored him. Ellen and Ricardo, his new parents, drove across Europe just to bring him home. We are filled with bliss knowing that Pleasure is now happily living in his forever home surrounded by his loving family. Check out the complete rescue story by clicking the link below.

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