Abandoned Pooch Loses Faith in Humanity in the Middle of Nowhere

Abandoned and left in the forest, this pitiful dog was lying on the ground, looking helpless and sad. Fortunately, rescuers in Romania were able to find the Caucasian shepherd just in the nick of time before he breathed his last breath.

Jayne from the 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK shared in the video how she found a dog lying motionless on the forest ground, seemingly hopeless and without any energy to move or do anything.

During the initial week, Keanu consumed his meals and beverages right where he rested as he was feeling too drained to move around. However, gradually his vitality improved and after a couple of weeks, he started taking walks.

Out of nowhere, he started playing and captivated everyone’s heart at the rescue center. Jayne expressed her adoration saying, “He has a very gentle soul” and that he was a rare breed, unlike any other dog she had ever seen. With such an endearing personality, it was obvious that Keanu would find a loving home soon. Eventually, a family from the United Kingdom became his forever home.
It’s astounding to see how far Keanu has come since his rescue. Despite being weak and helpless then, he has now grown into a confident and robust dog. Two years have passed, and Keanu is living a happy life, free to roam around with the love of his new family.

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