Abandoned Pup Fights for Survival: Our Heartbreaking Encounter with a Helpless Canine

As the bikers zoomed past, they didn’t pay any attention to the poor pooch lying on the ground. He tried to get up but to no avail. Little Puppy – Rescue Channel received a tip about a dog spotted near a pet-market and they didn’t waste any time. Despite the heavy traffic, they rushed to the location. When they arrived, they were shocked to see the lifeless dog lying on the ground while bystanders looked on without any concern. The rescue team attempted CPR, however, it was too late as the dog had already passed away.

While out and about, a helpful stranger alerted the rescue team to the presence of a puppy that might be related to them. The team quickly made their way to the location and discovered a little pup lapping up water from a nearby sewer drain.

Tears streamed down their faces as they watched the motorcycles carelessly zoom by. He attempted to stand but was unable to due to his leg, possibly broken. They quickly wrapped him in a warm blanket and rushed him to the veterinary clinic where he was given food and received medical attention.

With proper attention and physical therapy, his hind leg injury will heal and he will be able to run once more.

Check out the clip to see how terrible the puppy’s situation is!

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