Belgrade Cat Chronicles: The Inspiring Transformation of Ajda – From a Disabled Feline to a Joyful Jumper

In the month of December 2021, Aleksandra Trajković Pavlović shared some heart-wrenching pictures of a lovely kitty that had gone through an unfortunate attack by dogs. The compassionate lady who saved her was unable to provide adequate medical care and attention to the injured feline. Sadly, both of her legs were hurt, with one being completely broken. Moreover, she had a spinal injury and a large blood clot on her back. To seek professional guidance and decide on further course of action, the cat was immediately taken to a veterinarian.

Scans were conducted on the spine and legs, with results reported by Aleksandra. Matsa was found to have three bite wounds on her spine, leading to a large abscess that was pressing against it. Pus was discharged, the wounds were cleaned, and antibiotics were administered while the situation is being monitored. Luckily, the spine wasn’t damaged, but one leg had neurological issues and the other had a knee problem. The pelvis was also affected, and the wound emitted a foul odor due to being left untreated for several days.

The top priority was to address the swelling and infection that had taken hold. Aleksandra knew that more action would be necessary to help Ajda, who was clearly struggling and exhausted from the pain. Despite the difficult situation, Aleksandra remained hopeful that Ajda’s condition would eventually improve.

Gradually, the injuries sustained by Ajda began to heal. Towards the end of December 2019, Aleksandra shared an update on Ajda’s condition. It was revealed that one of her legs had been injured and it was suspected that she had a fractured knee. However, since the leg was still causing discomfort and the skin was scraped off, they decided to repeat the examination after it had been treated. Ajda underwent therapy and was admitted to the hospital, slowly but surely making progress towards recovery.

With consistent exercises, proper care, and determination, she made a remarkable recovery. Her wounds had healed, and she was able to walk again, except for a small hematoma on her spine. Previously, Ajda was unable to walk or even perform basic bodily functions, but with time, effort, and care, she was able to overcome these obstacles. Aleksandra expressed her relief and gratitude, stating that the difficult chapter was now in the past.

After several months, Ajda underwent a surgical procedure in mid-May 2022. It was discovered that the swelling on her back was actually a hernia, which was promptly treated and sterilized. Following this, Aleksandra remained hopeful that Ajda’s fortunes would improve and she could continue being the diligent feline she always was.

Having put in over a year’s worth of work and dedication, she has now made a complete recovery. She’s been spayed, vaccinated, and is incredibly affectionate. However, living with other cats is not her cup of tea. According to Aleksandra, she would much rather be in a separate room with just one person to cuddle with for 24 hours straight. If you’re able to give her the home she dreams of, where she’s the only feline resident, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ajda is eagerly waiting for her new forever home.

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