Brave Rescuers Discover Terrified, Hurt Canine Concealed in Bag to Avoid People

The scared pup simply wished to steer clear of human beings.

Animal Aid was notified about a puppy that was both sick and injured, as well as afraid of humans. Once they arrived to help the pup, they found it cowering under a sack in an attempt to hide from them.

The distressed female dog was feeling scared and hurt, and sought refuge under a sack, whimpering in fear and agony, not willing to trust anyone. However, the rescuers came up with a smart idea of using crackers as a lure, and their plan succeeded!

Jumper, the dog, received the attention and care he required when they took him to their facilities. It’s a relief to know that he is doing exceptionally well now! Check out the video above for further details.

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