“Call to Action: Join Danish Rescue Group in Rescuing Cats Trapped by Fur Farmer”

A troubling video surfaced on Facebook on December 31st, depicting the cruel treatment of cats by a Danish mink farmer. The footage, posted by De Glemte Danske Ræve, a rescue group, showed several cats confined to small cages in subzero temperatures on the farmer’s property. This inhumane living situation alone is cause for concern, but the farmer’s past behavior further raised suspicions about his intentions with the cats. He had previously bred minks for fur farming until two years ago, when it was banned by the Danish government due to the potential transmission of COVID-19. When questioned about the cats, he refused to cooperate with police and animal rescue groups, which only added to the growing concern for the cats’ welfare.

De Glemte Danske Ræve recently shared a video of cats being captured and taken away for slaughter. This footage was then shared by Fenjah, the owner of famous special needs cat, Monty, who called upon cat lovers worldwide to take action and prevent this tragedy from happening. In response to National Kitty, Fenjah provided a detailed timeline of events to help readers understand the situation and encourage them to take steps to help save these cats from a potentially dreadful end. So, read on to find out how you can contribute to saving the poor felines.

De Glemte Danske Ræve shared a timeline of events concerning a case of illegal animal keeping in Denmark. According to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, a farmer was found to be housing 230 mink and 60 foxes in cramped conditions on his farm on December 23. On December 26, an animal rescue group arrived at the farm to negotiate with the farmer and save the animals. They were shocked to find out that the foxes and minks had already been killed, but found cats being kept in tiny cages instead.

De Glemte Danske Ræve has revealed a shocking discovery of cats living in deplorable conditions, caged alongside their own waste, without access to water, and with only limited food. These conditions pose a severe danger to the lives of these animals. The rescue group has documented the situation and alerted the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the police. However, the farmer has refused to answer questions, raising suspicion as to his intentions for these cats. Despite attempts by another rescue group to intervene, they were met with threats, and the police response was disheartening. Shockingly, while it is illegal in Denmark to produce fur products from dogs and cats, it is not illegal to keep cats in tiny mink cages.

De Glemte Danske Ræve reported that on December 29, the police and Danish Veterinary and Food Administration conducted a check on a farm for any illegal activities and found no cats in cages. However, it is unclear what happened to the cats that were initially documented by the rescue group. On December 31, another rescue group arrived at the farm’s road.

De Glemte Danske Ræve were given consent by certain neighbors to install humane traps on their farms to catch local cats, in order to prevent them from being placed in cages on the accused man’s property. During their attempt to set up near a neighbor’s home, they were confronted by the accused man and some of his friends who obstructed their path despite not being on his property. The rescue group clarified that they are not engaging in any illegal activity and are solely focused on trapping cats on the neighbor’s land.

De Glemte Danske Ræve provided information about a troubling situation involving a farmer. It is not the first time that this particular farmer has been accused of acting unethically. The allegations are serious, as the individual has reportedly subjected animals to abuse and neglect for a period of 15 years. Unfortunately, the way that Danish laws are set up has meant that the farmer has not faced many consequences for these actions.

De Glemte Danske Ræve postulates that while many individuals have contemplated trespassing and releasing the cats from the property, this is not a sustainable or effective solution. As the farmer can easily acquire new cats, it would not solve the underlying issue. Instead, the Danish government should take measures to ensure that the farmer is permanently prohibited from having animals.

De Glemte Danske Ræve requests your assistance in spreading the word to put an end to this unfortunate event. With the help of cat enthusiasts and animal rescue advocates from various parts of the globe, we can bring justice to this case. By exerting local and international pressure on the Danish government, officials will be compelled to revoke the farmer’s right to own animals for good.

De Glemte Danske Ræve suggests taking action to prevent the farmer from repeating his actions. To do so, one can reach out to Rasmus Prehn, the Danish minister of food, fisheries and agriculture, and demand that appropriate measures be taken against the farmer. You can contact him via email at [email protected] or call him at 004538142142. Let’s work together to ensure that this never happens again.

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