“Cat’s Rescue After 3 Days Stranded in Snowy Tree: A Heartwarming Tale of Safety and Warmth”

In February, a courageous cat was saved from a precarious situation when he was stuck in a tree for several days. This gray shorthair adult cat, known as Meowzer, settled into a tree and refused to come down until a MidAmerican Energy employee rescued him. After enduring frigid temperatures and a snowstorm, Meowzer finally found his way back to ground level on Feb. 22. He has now been adopted and is living in Waterloo, Iowa.

Upon learning that Meowzer had been stuck in a tree for several days, Keondra Robinson reached out to the fire department for help. Unfortunately, due to the poor weather conditions, the firefighters were unable to come to Meowzer’s aid. In addition, the fire department no longer responded to cat-in-tree calls. Robinson tried leaving food at the base of the tree, but this didn’t work either. She then turned to social media for help. Fortunately, people began to arrive, offering their assistance. One man even brought a ladder, but it was too short to reach Meowzer. Determined not to leave until the cat was rescued, Travis McAtee offered his help after seeing Robinson’s posts on social media. According to a local newspaper, McAtee contacted MidAmerican Energy for assistance with the rescue.

According to an article by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, McAtee shared the situation with them and had to put the call on hold because she was unsure if help could be provided. Luckily, a MidAmerican employee who was in-between jobs was able to assist after discussing the issue with his colleagues. With the use of his equipment, Eric Weber was able to rescue Meowzer within 10 minutes. Our team is grateful and relieved that the cat was saved.

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