“Chained for 12 Long Years: A Dog’s Tale of Enduring Hope for a Better Life Despite Neglect”

The team at 4 Paws Hope got a call about an old dog that was in a bad situation. Apparently, he had been left tied up for four years without anything to eat or drink. His owner had passed away and he was left with an elderly woman who neglected him.

The dog that was twelve years old had major skin troubles and was in a sorry state. It had no teeth, was unclean, and it seemed like it hadn’t taken a bath in ages.

The lovely dog was given the name “Roger” and swiftly taken to a nearby vet for proper medical assistance. The experts treated him for his illnesses and provided him with a thorough cleaning before entrusting him to a compassionate foster family. At present, Roger is undergoing treatment for anemia, gut parasites, skin, and ear issues.

Roger underwent a complete transformation, both physically and emotionally, all thanks to the immense love and attention showered upon him by his rescuers, veterinary team, and foster mother.

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