Creating with Care: The Ingenious Sorcerer’s Hazardous Mineral Showcase

Meet Carl Peverall – a gifted artist who specializes in multiple forms of art such as metalwork, ceramics, painting, and sculpture. Among all these art forms, he is deeply passionate about working with stones of different shapes and sizes, ranging from massive boulders to smooth river rocks and rare specimens he collects during his trips. To him, stone sculpting is the most enthralling and all-inclusive artistic medium he has ever explored throughout his four-decade-long artistic journey.

Despite the weight limitations of backpacking trips, Carl cannot resist the urge to collect heavy stones during his travels.

Peverall has an intense love for stones and spends endless hours searching for the ideal ones to utilize in his artwork.

Perevall wants to make the content more attractive by establishing a visual connection with poetry.

He finds it fascinating to offer viewers a rare opportunity to connect with the timeless beauty and significance of ancient stones that have been shaped by natural processes over millions of years.

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