Despite Injuries from Train, Mother Dog Continues to Nurture 4 Pups After Being Deserted by Owner

When witnessing the heartbreaking fate of homeless dogs, it’s hard not to feel emotional. Nonetheless, not all mother dogs exhibit the same bravery, fortitude, and guardianship as Si Bao.

This pooch was left behind by its owner and later met with a devastating accident, causing its hind legs to get crushed by a train. Things looked bleak for Si Bao until she became a mother to four beautiful and healthy puppies, who brought a new purpose to her life.

Si Bao regained her enjoyment of life once she became a parent and found the strength to care for her children with a resilient and determined attitude. She walked on two legs, observing her little ones attentively.

Si Bao, the mother dog, received good fortune when Animals Asia, a nonprofit organization founded by Jill Robinson, rescued her family. She was hailed as a hero and is now an animal ambassador for the organization. Si Bao was moved to the organization’s headquarters, where she can start a new life with her only surviving pup Muddie, instead of scavenging for scraps of food thrown by travelers along the train tracks. As a result, Si Bao has been renamed Lelly and is set to receive wheeled prosthetic legs, which will enable her to move around more freely. Sadly, three of Lelly’s four puppies succumbed to a high fever before the rescue, leaving only Muddie behind.

Lelly is enjoying a luxurious life as an ambassador for Asia animal welfare. Despite her small size, Lelly’s unwavering spirit and resilience in the face of adversity are truly remarkable.

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