“Devoted Pup Awaits Treats at Deserted Bakery, Unaware of its Permanent Closure”

Every day, many stray dogs wander around the streets searching for food and shelter. One of these dogs is Jhonny, a homeless dog who spends his time hoping that someone will show him kindness by giving him some food and love.
Jhonny usually depended on the La Espiga bakery staff to provide him with daily sustenance, and they always came to his rescue. Unfortunately, the bakery has closed down, leaving Jhonny out in the cold, waiting for someone to offer him even a small amount of food, like in the old days.

The reality that countless dogs are abandoned and left to suffer on the streets is truly disheartening. These canines are often exposed to sickness, mistreatment, and starvation. Fortunately, there are kind-hearted individuals who are always willing to lend a helping hand. By sharing Jhonny’s story, we hope to inspire more people to consider adopting or providing nourishment for these stray pups.

Recently, Amandi Rodriguez Maya recounted a touching tale on the Facebook group “Perdidos Perdidos de Tampico Madero y Altamira.” She shared that a dog, who appeared to be without an owner, was spotted outside a bakery that had closed down. Regrettably, no one offered him food as they had done in the past.

The poor dog spent the entire day waiting outside the bakery, hoping for someone to provide him with sustenance. Tragically, with the “La Espiga” branch in Tampico’s center shutting its doors since mid-December 2022, it seems that this will not occur anytime soon. This sad incident brings attention to the dire circumstances that many homeless dogs endure in our communities.

Meet Jhonny, the adorable dog that can often be found lounging outside of the Cuidado con el Perro store in the local marketplace. While he loves spending time there, his absolute favorite spot is outside of the bakery “La Espiga,” where he knows he can always get a delicious taco to munch on – rain or shine. Unfortunately, the bakery has recently closed down, but Jhonny still hangs around outside, hoping for his regular snack. It’s heart-wrenching to see this friendly pup looking so sad and lonely. That’s why we’re asking anyone who comes across Jhonny to give him a little something to eat. Many readers have been moved by his story and want to help him out. So, if you happen to encounter Jhonny, please consider sharing your meal with him. He loves little croquette packets and chicken is always a favorite. But please, don’t give him any bones, as they can be harmful to his health, as explained in the original article.

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