Encountering Able Maew: A Cheerful Feline with a Pair of Legs and a Big Heart

Meet Able Maew, a disabled cat who doesn’t let his condition define him. Despite having a tough start in life on the streets of Thailand, this feline remains happy, playful, and curious. Unfortunately, he suffered from a terrible accident when he fell onto an electric transformer, which resulted in the loss of his front legs and tail. However, with the help of a kind-hearted person who took him in, Able Maew found a way to adapt to his new life. Nowadays, he lives indoors comfortably with other cats and is thoroughly pampered and adored.

Despite his physical disabilities, Able Maew is not your average handicat. With an abundance of spunk and heart, this fierce feline takes on life with his fellow disabled cat companions. It’s clear that Able’s owner has a big heart to care for such a unique cat. The photos showcase the joyful bond between this clowder of cats. According to Able’s owner, the moment they laid eyes on him, they felt inspired by his energy and strength.

From his initial rescue, he has made significant progress and come a considerable distance.

Able and his trio of feline roommates, Finfin, Ginny, and Pocky, enjoy spending their days engaged in playful activities, snuggling up together, and observing the world outside from the cozy confines of their abode. It’s safe to assume that their main source of entertainment is the feathered creatures soaring through the sky!

Able Maew has a unique way of getting around that some people compare to a cat-like Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s amazing how one person’s belief in us can make a huge difference in our lives. I’m thankful that Able found someone who believed in him and gave him a chance to thrive. He and his caregiver have been together for eight years, and I hope they have many more happy years together.

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If you’re a cat owner, it’s crucial to understand your feline friend’s behavior. One of the most significant aspects of cat behavior is their interaction with humans. As a cat owner, it’s essential to ensure your cat doesn’t suffer from loneliness. Here are five warning signs that indicate your cat might be feeling lonely:

1. Excessive Meowing: If your cat is meowing more than usual, it could be a sign that they’re seeking attention and companionship.

2. Destructiveness: If your cat is scratching furniture or chewing on objects, it could be a result of frustration due to loneliness.

3. Change in Appetite: A reduction in appetite or overeating can indicate that your cat’s emotional needs aren’t being met.

4. Hiding: If your cat is hiding excessively, it could be a sign that they’re trying to avoid social interaction.

5. Aggression: A lonely cat may become aggressive towards other animals or people, which is a sign that they need attention and companionship.

As a cat owner, ensure that you spend quality time with your feline friend and provide them with plenty of toys and activities to keep them entertained. You might also consider adopting another cat to keep your furry friend company. Remember, happy cats make happy owners!

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