“Eye Contact: Paralyzed Puppies Learn to Communicate Non-Verbally”

A group of four baby mice were in critical condition after they stumbled upon tar that was carelessly dumped on a garbage heap. The tar was so thick that the mice could only move their eyes as they were covered with dirt and grime. The Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to the rescue after receiving a call about the plight of the mice. Upon arriving, they discovered that the mice were not the only ones affected by the tar. A dog had also fallen into the asphalt, and her howls alerted humans to the situation. Three puppies were also trapped in the goop, with one puppy having plastic and pebbles stuck to his fur. All the animals were distressed and confused, unable to move due to the sticky tar.

Two of the puppies were covered in tar and couldn’t move except for their eyes. However, the volunteers overcame their sadness through love and patience. They rescued the pups in stages by first finding them and then taking them to the shelter. Even though they knew the pups had a mother, they couldn’t find her until the next day. The volunteers carefully removed the tar from the puppies’ bodies, which was a delicate and time-consuming task that took hours. Additionally, one of the dogs was wrapped in plastic garbage along with the tar. The dedicated volunteers used their hands to remove stones, sand, branches, and other debris from the puppies’ bodies, while also dealing with the hardened tar around them.

Once the solid waste was disposed of, the puppies were given a thorough cleaning with specialized chemicals designed to remove fat. While there were still some remnants of the harmful substance on their fur, the majority had been eliminated. Their hygiene was greatly improved thanks to this treatment.

After successfully rescuing the first two, two more kids were found in a similar or even worse condition. Shockingly, one of them had plastic waste stuck on her along with mud and stones. It was a challenging task to save these children, which took over three days.

For over three days, they dedicated their time to caring for a group of four exhausted and discouraged puppies who had gone through quite an ordeal. These little ones were visibly lifted when they began playing around in the tar.
As soon as their mother returned to them, it was apparent that they had been cleared of the dangerous plastic waste and were now ready to receive the love and sustenance they so desperately needed. Witnessing these pups bouncing back from such a difficult situation was truly heartwarming!
Even though they still had some remnants of tar on their skin, these youngsters were happily enjoying life again with their mom.

This was a challenging and unforeseen rescue mission, but it all ended well in the end. Don’t forget to tell others about it! Feel free to share this with your loved ones.

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