“Fearful Feline Flees but Follows her Furry Offspring: A Tale of a Stray Mama Cat’s Love”

Stray Mother Cat Runs Away In Fear But Comes Back To Look For Her Babies

Let me tell you about a heartwarming story that illustrates the power of maternal love. Alissa Smith, who is one of the founders of Wrenn Rescues, recently got a call about ten-day-old kittens that needed rescuing. The shelter workers in Downey, California had already rescued the kittens, but they needed more experienced help. Fortunately, Alissa was able to rally a networking group to save the day. There were only 15 minutes left to rescue the kittens, and no one else was able to help, but thanks to the efforts of the group, the kittens were saved. A kind-hearted woman named CJ even transported them all the way from Downey to Ventura County, so that Alissa and her team could take care of them properly. This story is a beautiful reminder that when we work together, amazing things can happen.

two cats hugging

I came across a litter of adorable kittens in someone’s yard along with their mother. Unfortunately, the mother got frightened and disappeared when people approached them. Thankfully, Ashley, a foster volunteer, and Jenifer Hurt, the co-founder of the rescue center, took them under their care and started bottle-feeding them at the center. It was clear that these kittens were well looked after by their mother. In cases where kittens end up in shelters, they usually don’t get to see their mothers again, which is why it’s essential to leave them where they are found and wait for the mother, rather than taking them to a shelter.

many kittens in the cage

Jenifer and Ashley had plans to bottle-feed the kittens until they could eat on their own, but fate had something else in store for them. The kind-hearted individuals who initially rescued the felines stumbled upon their mother searching for them at their home. They were able to reunite the family the following day, bringing about a heartwarming ending to this rescue story.

four kittens sleeping

Upon arrival at the shelter, she was initially timid and scared. However, Ashley decided to introduce her to one of the kittens, and surprisingly, she showed a marked improvement in her disposition. As Ashley held up the baby feline, the cat appeared to calm down visibly. After coaxing her out of her carrier with the kitten, the cat went straight to her litter, where she cuddled up in the center, emitting a contented purr. The other kittens followed suit by nursing from her.

four kittens playing

As soon as the mama cat was reunited with her babies, she started to purr and nurse them. Witnessing this heartwarming scene was truly a miracle. It’s safe to say that the reunion went beyond our expectations.

cat with kittens

Ashley was greeted by the sweet sound of a content mother cat purring the next morning.

mother cat playing with kittens

On Facebook, there’s a delightful video of a mother cat snuggling her kittens and refusing to let them leave her side. It’s guaranteed to warm your heart and put a smile on your face!

As foster parents for newborn kittens, we go above and beyond to ensure that our little charges are always happy, cozy, and at ease.

baby cats laying and sleeping

There’s no love and care that can match a mother’s. The mother cat in the story shows remarkable patience, and her joy in being reunited with her kittens is evident. Her babies are definitely fortunate to have her as their mom.

cat sleeping together

I hope you all had a wonderful time reading about this heartwarming encounter which led to a beautiful reunion. It was truly amazing to witness the extent of the maternal love displayed by the mother cat, even in the face of fear. Go ahead and share this touching story with your loved ones!

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