“Feline Love Story: A Kitten’s Journey to Being Fully Embraced by Her Adopted Cat Parent”

The little kitten quickly formed a bond with the cat that had taken her in and became completely enamored with him, constantly seeking his affection.

Shelby Thorpe, the creator of Shelby’s Kitten SafeHouse located in Oregon, received a tip from a trap-neuter-return rescuer in early March regarding a group of kittens. Unfortunately, the mother cat was unable to care for them, and only one kitten survived. Due to the unhealthy environment and the kitten shivering, Shelby decided to take her in and bottle-feed her instead. Shortly after bringing the kitten home, one of Shelby’s resident cats took interest in the new addition.

Oops, I made a mistake by leaving the kitchen door open while I was grabbing something. To my surprise, Polar, our cat, was already there checking out the new member of our family – Cleo. I knew that Polar would make a great big brother to her. However, Cleo had fleas and was also starting to develop an eye infection. Shelby took charge and cleaned her up, treated her eyes, and started feeding her regularly, even at odd hours of the night.

The tiny creature found solace and comfort in a cozy home and a plush toy that simulated a heartbeat. Gradually, the situation started to improve for it. The caretaker noted with relief that the little one was feeding well from a bottle, which gave them reassurance that things were heading towards betterment. Cleo, the name bestowed on the creature, derived immense pleasure from having a satiated tummy and being spared the misery of starvation.

As her waistline expanded, her inquisitiveness grew and she eagerly explored her surroundings, sniffing for any traces of the resident felines. The arrival of a new kitten in a carrier piqued Polar’s interest, and he wasted no time investigating the newcomer during the first two weeks, albeit within the confines of quarantine regulations.

After some time, Cleo began to explore her surroundings and learn how to walk. She became more lively and enthusiastic about spending time with her fellow cats. Shelby made sure to give Cleo plenty of affection to let her know she was cared for. At this stage, kittens typically start to interact with each other.

After receiving medical clearance, Cleo finally got to meet Polar in a proper introduction. Polar had been eagerly awaiting this moment. Upon meeting, the attentive cat immediately took Cleo under his care and began to groom her by washing her face and ears.

According to Shelby, Polar is fulfilling his motherly responsibilities with utmost care and seriousness. He has developed a habit of playfully jumping towards her and walking over her as she moves around, owing to his elongated legs which allow his mother to fit underneath him. Furthermore, during bath time, he takes charge of giving her a thorough wash and holds her in position with his front legs to prevent her from escaping.

Whenever Cleo is around Polar, she is over the moon. She adores snuggling up to him and craves his undivided attention. Additionally, she has developed a penchant for cuddling with her human companions and relishes spending time on her foster mother’s lap.

Despite a rocky beginning, Cleo has managed to successfully overcome her challenges and is now flourishing thanks to the support of her caring foster family. She goes to bed every night with a grin on her face, feeling truly cherished.

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Reference: lovemeow.com

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