Feline siblings find comfort and love in each other’s embrace, relishing the peacefulness of their shared naptime cuddles.

Jaina and Ivy, who are part of the Cats of San Bernardino group in California, successfully rescued two stray kittens by the names of Medi and Cal. The dynamic duo stumbled upon the felines after being notified via a Facebook post.

Upon their initial encounter with the siblings, the pair were famished, ill, and suffering from malnutrition. Medi, the ash-colored feline, emerged from her hiding spot, allowing them to capture her using a handtrap.

Regrettably, Cal, the orange cat, got frightened and fled. As a result, they had to plan for another day to retrieve Cal’s sibling with the hope of capturing him successfully.

The following day, they managed to catch the runaway and finally brought him back! The siblings are now happily reunited, albeit a bit shy at first. Fortunately, they are both adjusting well and are currently under the loving care of a cat foster.

It brings us immense joy to hear that they are thriving in their new environment and have adjusted well with the foster. Their bond seems to grow stronger each day as they enjoy doing things together and snuggling up in each other’s embrace at bedtime.

If you’re a fan of Medi Cal and other rescue organizations, be sure to check out Cats of San Bernardino on both Facebook and Instagram.

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