“Florida Welcomes a Larger-Than-Life Art Piece: A Female Figure Unveiling a Fern-Covered Passage from Within her Chest”

The year 2022 has been quite challenging for all of us. Amidst all the turmoil, what we require the most is hope. Daniel Popper, a multidisciplinary artist, has brought a glimmer of hope with his latest creation. He is renowned for blending sculpture and stage design at various music festivals and has now constructed a permanent public installation at Society Las Olas, a residential complex located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Thrive is an impressive sculptural installation that showcases a giant woman, standing at 30 feet high, who appears to be breaking open her chest. The artwork is crafted out of glass-fiber reinforced concrete and weighs a stunning 14 tons. Additionally, the sculpture features a tunnel covered in ferns, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere within the exposed chest cavity. Visitors are invited to walk through the tunnel and enjoy the lush green interior.

“Thrive” is a 30-foot art piece that graces the exterior of a residential building located in Florida. The sculptural installation is truly a sight to behold!

Daniel Popper, a versatile artist skilled in various fields, created a sculpture using glass-fiber reinforced concrete as his medium.

Popper has a history of creating impressive public installations, having undertaken numerous large-scale projects over the years. One such project was his creation of a 26-foot statue which was showcased at Croatia’s Modem Festival in 2019. The statue was brought to life at night with projection mapping, leaving a lasting impression on all who saw it.

A noteworthy aspect of his work is that he frequently teams up with fellow artists, technicians, and craftsmen to integrate electronic music, LED lighting, and projection mapping into his projects.

Due to the pandemic, music festivals have become unfeasible, which has led Popper to shift his focus towards creating permanent public art installations. As a result, Thrive is an outcome of his artistic journey.

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