“From a Chilly Discovery at College to Finding Love: A Kitten’s Heartwarming Tale”

One day, a small cat was discovered outside a college campus in the midst of freezing weather. Grateful for being rescued, the kitten eventually became affectionate and sought out attention from his rescuers.

Earlier this week, Ginny received a distress call from a nearby college cafeteria. The workers reported a limping kitten in the trash, and Ginny, being a foster carer and TNR rescuer, was contacted for urgent help. According to Ginny, the kitten seemed to be struggling and not moving when the workers found him hiding in the garbage. When Ginny arrived, she found the kitten cold, skinny, and extremely weak. He didn’t move much and appeared to be on the brink of death, barely opening his eyes and breathing very shallowly while lying in the cat carrier.

Ginny immediately took action and worked hard to regulate the kitten’s temperature. She utilized warm blankets, a heating disk, and a nearby heater while holding him in her lap. Throughout the process, she chatted with the kitten to provide comfort and reassurance. Despite the fragility of the situation, Ginny remained determined to do everything in her power to give the kitten a chance at survival. Even if the worst happened, she found solace in the fact that the kitten experienced love and warmth in his final moments.

I opted to give him the moniker Westley, inspired by the character in the Princess Bride film. It was fitting since he was brought to me in a near-death state and I held onto hope that he would recover just like his namesake. While Ginny was petting him gently, he began to stir and purred ever so softly, igniting his inner rumble.

Ginny recounted to Love Meow that the furry creature finally lifted his head and made eye contact with her. She assessed that he had enough warmth and proceeded to feed him. The little one devoured the food eagerly, giving Ginny a glimmer of hope that he would pull through.

As the night approached, Westley drifted off to sleep with a satisfied tummy and basked in the warmth of love surrounding him. You can witness the adorable Westley in action by watching this video. Upon waking up the following day, he felt significantly improved. A visit to the vet revealed that Westley was about seven weeks old and unveiled the reason behind his limp.

Westley’s spinal column has been affected due to damage in his Lumbar 7/Sacral 1 vertebrae. Fortunately, this hasn’t caused any significant hindrance to his movement, and the vet suggests limiting his activity levels. The vet staff was unsure if he would be able to use the litter box independently, but Westley proved them wrong with his determination.

Once Westley’s legs had recovered, he wasted no time in checking out his new surroundings. He soon came across the litter box and, to everyone’s surprise, quickly worked out how to use it. This determined tabby truly exceeded expectations!

Westley’s hunger increased and he began to gain some extra pounds. His purring intensified whenever he was given attention, and he quickly became a total snuggle enthusiast. In just a few days, this little kitty has had a remarkable transformation and is now constantly seeking love and affection from his foster owner.

Ginny revealed that her cat, Westley, expresses his desire for affection by meowing whenever she stops petting him. She happily admits to spending a lot of time petting him to fulfill his need for love. In addition, Westley is now eating well and gradually gaining confidence around people. Ginny also mentioned that one of the individuals who discovered Westley is keen on adopting him.

Whenever Ginny enters the room, Westley eagerly turns on his side in anticipation of affectionate rubs and snuggles. It’s obvious that he’s content with his comfortable abode, fulfilling meals, and abundant cuddling opportunities.

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