“From Abandoned to Adored: The Heartwarming Rescue of a Lonely Kitten by a Kind Couple”

A little kitty, abandoned by his mother inside a home, has finally found a loving couple to care for him and provide him with the much-needed companionship.

At the beginning of this year, With Grace – a rescue group based in Las Vegas – received a call regarding a litter of kittens born in a house that was undergoing renovations in Arizona. The founder of the group, Danielle Chavez, explained that they often use a spay and neuter clinic for their fosters. One of the clinic’s staff members got in touch with them seeking aid with some newborn kittens that were abandoned. A feral cat had sneaked into the property through the walls to give birth to her litter but left them behind and never returned.

The kittens were transported by the owner all the way from Arizona to Las Vegas, where we had arranged to meet up with her. In a hurry, we quickly brought them back home where our incubator was prepped and ready for their arrival. Weighing only around 60 grams, the kittens were very tiny and vulnerable. Despite our efforts to save them, two of them were too weak and didn’t make it. The third kitten, named Michael, fought hard to survive. He eagerly latched onto the bottle and ate as much as he could to build up his strength.

Danielle shared with Love Meow that she had taken the role of a helicopter foster mom for a few days and was confident that the little kitten she was caring for would make it. The kitten was a fighter and quickly took to the bottle feeding. As time passed, Michael began to thrive under Danielle’s care. Additionally, Feral Cat Warriors, a rescue in Arizona, agreed to trap-neuter-return the cat colony where the kittens were found. This move would ensure that the cat mom could receive proper veterinary care and attention. Danielle emphasized the significance of making sure that rescue efforts are full circle.

Danielle and her partner collaborated to take care of the kitten’s requirements. They divided their tasks by Danielle feeding the kitten late at night, while her husband woke up early every day to feed him. As a result, the couple slept soundly, and the kitten received his food on time.

When Michael finally graduated into his own playpen, it was a significant milestone for the little guy. From that point on, his playful and curious nature shone through in full force. He’s become quite attached to his foster parents and is not afraid to ask for what he wants. His foster parent describes him as an affectionate and loving baby who always wants to be with them. They have even given him the nickname “Velcro buddy”.

According to Danielle, they relocated the little one to their living room, where he could interact with their cats in a playpen. They wanted him to get used to being around cats, and gradually, he is getting there. Recently, they noticed that he had started doing the crab-walk, which is a sign that he is on his way to mastering the wiggle butt, ambush attack move.

Michael has transformed into an active and lively little guy who adores pressing his face against his foster dad’s beard and tenderly kneading his neck. He is amicable with the resident cats and has acquired some feline techniques and manners from them. “Watching him is a delight, he’s becoming increasingly self-assured with each passing day. It won’t be long before he outpaces the other cats with his energy and playfulness.”

Michael is approaching seven weeks of age and will soon be available for adoption. His charming personality makes him an ideal companion for any pet lover. Whenever he requires a rest from his playful activities, he dashes over to his foster parents, kneads their lap, chest or neck while emitting a satisfying purr.

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Source: lovemeow.com

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