From Buried to Rescued: A Dog Defies Death by Digging Its Way Out of Its Grave.

Regrettably, there are individuals who mistreat animals without any provocation. A German Shepherd named Kiryusha was subjected to such cruelty when his owner unreasonably administered a lethal injection and then buried him alive. Fortunately, the canine was able to dig himself out of the grave.

While cruising along a highway in the northern part of Russia, Olga Listseva, a 39-year-old woman, caught sight of a tired-looking dog walking slowly under the rain. Initially, she continued driving but after seeing how hopeless and worn out the poor pooch was, she made a U-turn to come to his aid. The dog’s fur was completely drenched, and he seemed exhausted. Without hesitation, Olga gave him some food and allowed him to rest at the back seat of her car. The little canine dozed off on their way to Ukhta, which was a 93-mile drive. Upon arriving, Olga took him to a dog rescue center known as Kind City to receive proper care and attention.

After the photographs of the pooch were uploaded, the folks who owned him were able to be located and reached out to. They declared that the unfortunate canine was unwell, hence the reason for their actions. This assertion was entirely untrue.

It was discovered that a couple, who remain unidentified, confessed to injecting a fatal drug into Kiryu with the intention of killing him. After this, they buried him alive in a distant area close to the Ukhta-Siktifkar Highway. Fortunately, Kiryu was checked by veterinarians and was found to be relatively healthy, aside from being extremely hungry. The shelter where he was taken in said that the couple eventually reached out to them to express remorse for their actions.

Ekaterina Nimac, a member of the rescue team, expressed gratitude towards Olga for helping Kiryusha start a new life. The dog is now residing in a shelter and appears to be at peace. It is a relief that Kiryusha has found a loving family, and we hope that he will never have to endure such terrible circumstances again. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story! <3

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