From Rejected to Rescued: How One Family Changed the Life of an Unwanted Dog

Animals that have physical deformities often struggle to find homes at animal shelters, but one dog was fortunate enough to be an exception.

Upon arriving at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, the shelter staff greeted Lisa, a 10-week-old puppy who had scars all over her face and swollen eyes that needed surgery. They were uncertain if they would be able to find her a loving home until Christine Doblar and her family appeared.

According to Doblar, his daughters were concerned that someone might take the unique-looking dog they had their hearts set on. However, Lisa’s charm and personality won the family over, and they knew she was the one for them. After looking at a few other dogs, they returned the following day to adopt Lisa and gave her the name “Lucky.” Despite her unusual appearance, Lisa had a heart full of love and exuberance that shone through and captured the hearts of everyone she met.

A California animal shelter welcomed Lisa, a 10-month-old pup, after being surrendered by her previous owner. Unfortunately, Lisa’s face was disfigured, and she needed to undergo eyelid surgery.

Finnegan Dowling from HSSV commented that Lisa’s appearance might not be appealing. The shelter workers didn’t hold high hopes for her adoption prospects.

However, the atmosphere changed when Christine Doblar and her relatives came along. “Her character is simply bright and shining,” said someone.

After inspecting a few more pooches, the family couldn’t find one that caught their eye. However, due to their fortunate circumstances, they decided to dub their new furry friend Lucky, and took her home on the very same day.

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