From Rusty Hideaway to Celebrity Spotlight: The Surprising Transformation of Adorable, Yet Smelly Kittens

The pro-rescuers were alerted by concerned neighbors who had found three cute kittens hidden in a vandalized old car. The observant neighbors had noticed that the kittens were inside the antique blue vehicle, but it wasn’t easy to catch their feral mother and retrieve each kitten. Like any protective mother, the cat had chosen the car as a fortress to keep her babies safe. It’s important to remember to knock on your car’s hood before starting the engine, especially during kitten season, as they may seek refuge in abandoned vehicles. The kittens in this case were well-protected in a car filled with trash, which made it hard to spot the feline family.

Rescuing the rusty cat kittens in Brooklyn, Heidi Wrangles Cats, Olga Guydyno, 2

Heidi and Olga deserve a big round of applause for their heroic act of saving the Rusty Car Kittens and their mom in Brooklyn. Feral cat mothers, who are often malnourished, struggle to find food to nourish their young ones. That is why it’s heartening to know that the mama cat fell for the delicious bait that Heidi and Olga set up. However, finding the three tiny kittens proved to be quite the challenge and almost required a mechanic’s expertise! The incredible rescue story is documented on Instagram via Heidi Wrangles Cats.

Rescuing the rusty cat kittens in Brooklyn, Heidi Wrangles Cats, Olga Guydyno

The group of kittens were at an age where they had developed a sense of caution towards humans, and were skilled at evading capture. Despite their adorable appearance, they possessed a surprising amount of ferocity, which was demonstrated when Olga attempted to retrieve one from under a car seat. Nevertheless, the rescuers remained undeterred in their efforts to save the kittens.

Kitten hides in rusty car engine in Brooklyn

After an extensive hour of searching, the whereabouts of the third kitten were finally discovered. Surprisingly, the little feline had somehow managed to squeeze itself under the dashboard! The trio of kittens were then safely placed inside a carrier that coincidentally matched their fur colors and sent off to experience the luxurious life at “Chez Heidi!” Once they arrived, Heidi gave each rusty car kitten adorable names based on their black and white fur. It was discovered that all three were female and were named Copy, Paste, and Backspace. Their feral mother, who was missing her tail most likely due to a past injury, was given the name Control-Alt-Delete.

Backspace, rusty car kittens

The feral cat named Control-Alt-Delete has returned to her natural habitat after being spayed, but she is fortunate to have a kind neighbor who will keep an eye on her. As for her three adorable kittens, they were given all the love and attention they needed to grow up healthy and happy.

Paste the kitten

“Check out these adorable kittens! One of them, Copy, seems to have a bit of a mischievous streak as it nipped Olga. But what really stands out are its forlorn eyes – they’re just so expressive and captivating!”


“Wow, these little ones are absolutely flawless!” raved an enthusiastic commenter.

Copy the kitten, rusty car kittens

The kittens were quite cute, but the stinky smell they emitted made it obvious that they needed a bath. Heidi had previously shared useful tips on how to bathe kittens safely and warmly. However, sometimes newborn kittens are too weak to be bathed until they gain some strength. Heidi’s bathing technique is much loved by many, including Jackson Galaxy, due to her love for cats and her work towards their welfare. The Rusty Car Kittens, although resilient, required round-the-clock veterinary care, especially Backspace, who had tummy troubles. Fortunately, generous people donated to give them the best chance for a healthy life. Despite their incredible adaptability, kittens are quite fragile.

Backspace the kitten wrapped in a purrito, 2

Backspace, a purrito, had to visit the vet due to stomach issues. Fortunately, after receiving costly but comprehensive veterinary care, Backspace recovered and was even dressed up in a cute shark hat upon returning to her siblings. Follow Heidi on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated on her continuous efforts in rescuing animals.

The Rusty car kittens, Copy, Paste, and Backspace, Heidi Wrangles Kittens, Olga Gudyno

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