From Shy and Hiding to Lovably Cuddled: A Rescue Pup Finds a Happy Home with Caring Folks

Introducing Moon! Her body was infested with fleas and ticks, a result of neglect. Despite being only two months old, she had to endure days on the streets in fear. She craved affection but found no one to help her. Her only refuge was a landfill where she scrounged for food late at night. All four of her feet were swollen and she cried out in agony, necessitating a possible blood transfusion. Fortunately, Moon is now resting comfortably in a warm and hygienic environment, receiving treatment for severe dehydration and anemia. It’s encouraging that she tested negative for cino and parvo diseases. After four days of stable mental health, we expect that she will endure the rest of the transfusion period. On day 10, Moon’s condition has improved, but she still requires veterinary care. Day 19 marks the day that Moon is freed from the animal hospital, a blessing for this angel. We are grateful to the compassionate veterinarians and kind people who helped give Moon a new lease on life. Our prayers go out for her continued healing and for her adoption into a loving family.

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