“From Sickly Kitten to Exotic Wolfcat: The Surprising Discovery of Gracie’s True Identity”

There is a wide variety of cats in the world, ranging from fluffy felines to short-haired and even hairless ones. However, did you know that there are werewolf cats out there? Recently, a TikTok account called Graciewolfcat shared a video of a unique kitten that their fostered cat had given birth to. This kitten stood out from the rest due to its bald spots and strange fur patterns. As it turns out, the kitten was born with a rare natural mutation that gives it a werewolf-like appearance. These types of cats are known as Lykoi or Wolfcats. The video quickly went viral, garnering over 6 million views and 1 million likes. Meet Gracie, the werewolf kitten that captured the hearts of many on TikTok.

I made the choice to take in two expectant felines that were discovered at a location where other cats were living. These two furry mothers gave birth to their litters just six days apart from each other. To my surprise, once a week had passed, both moms decided to work together and care for all 12 kittens collectively. They showed love and affection towards each other’s young as if they were part of their own kin.

In Maine, USA, Bree provided foster care for two expectant cats. After giving birth, the mother cats took on each other’s kittens and cared for them together.

As I observed my pet, I couldn’t help but notice that she appeared weak and her hair was falling out. Worried about her well-being, I quickly took her to the veterinary clinic for a check-up. The vet informed me that my pet may have had a fever coat before, but aside from that, she was perfectly healthy.

The little kitten with werewolf features was distinct from the other felines.

Initially, we were really worried about how she was doing, but thankfully, she started showing signs of improvement shortly after and even began to regrow her hair. However, as she continued to grow, I couldn’t help but notice how different she looked compared to her siblings and parents. It was quite peculiar!

Bree was feeling concerned about the well-being of the kitten, but to her relief, the veterinarian confirmed that the feline is in good health and doing well.

Meet Bree and her one-of-a-kind feline companion Gracie, who is simply precious.

Furthermore, she shared additional details about her life, elaborating that she is a skilled photographer who works full-time. She specializes in capturing both wedding and birth moments. In fact, she had the privilege of photographing Gracie’s birth as well. Alongside this, she is grateful to have a supportive partner who adores Gracie and their other furry companions. Lastly, she conveyed her affection for central Maine, where she resides.

Before long, Gracie began to sprout some fur, though there were still a few areas where her skin remained bare. Bree was taken aback by how distinct Gracie’s appearance was compared to her littermates.

After conducting some investigative work, Bree discovered that the peculiar quality was actually an uncomplicated, innate genetic abnormality. These feline creatures possessing the genetic anomaly were dubbed Lykoi or Wolf cats.

During one of my wanderings, I stumbled upon a kitty that had an unusual appearance, but I didn’t think much of it. As the little one grew up, I started scouring the internet for any information on cats with black and white speckled hair and hairless faces. After some digging, I finally identified her as a Lykoi, or commonly known as a wolfcat. According to my research, Lykois are ordinary felines that have undergone a natural genetic mutation in feral cat colonies – which is where my kitty’s parents came from. The breed has only one fur coat and sheds twice a year. Interestingly, their fur can be brushed in different directions, similar to a wolf’s coat. As for my pet’s skin, I need to take extra care to prevent grease and oil buildup around her face and feet since they have sensitive skin.

One of the best memories I have with my daughter Gracie is back when she was just a little bald baby. I remember always having an urge to kiss her and take in her sweet scent. There was something about her smell that made me feel so happy and content. Even now, after all these years, I sometimes catch a whiff of her old baby scent, and it brings a smile to my face. I know it might sound a bit strange, but I suppose it’s just one of those things that moms do! Gracie never really liked my kisses though, and she would always push my face away. But no matter what, I still adore her big beautiful eyes.
On the other hand, my kitten only has one coat of fur, which makes her shed much more often compared to other cats.

Gracie is a feline who resembles a werewolf, but she’s just a typical house cat in every other way. Upon conducting some investigation, I discovered that Gracie has only one layer of fur, and she would shed regularly throughout her lifetime. Furthermore, I learned that she emerged as a spontaneous genetic variation from the feral group where her mother resided. Fortunately, Gracie is content and well-cared for, and she has a warm and loving home.

Not long ago, I posted on TikTok about my acquaintance’s tale, and it has since gone viral. Her video has acquired a whopping 6 million views and garnered 1.1 million likes. Moreover, she has attracted 42,000 followers! It’s quite impressive! Additionally, we discovered that wolfcats are worth around $3,000, so receiving a valuable feline for free is genuinely amazing!

We inquired about Gracie’s current condition from Bree and learned that she is doing exceptionally well and is in excellent health! She spends her time alternating between napping and playing, with her favorite pastime being chasing the red dot of her laser pointer or playing with the pointer itself. Bree also shared some insights into Gracie’s personality, stating that she now travels in the car and visits her grandmother’s house, where she uses a bubble backpack as her mode of transportation. The backpack also doubles as Gracie’s playhouse when she’s not exploring, and although she’s not very vocal, she enjoys rubbing against Bree’s feet and sitting by the window. Instead of sleeping with Bree, Gracie prefers to snooze on the couch and has a fondness for scratching posts, as well as taking frequent catnaps.

During our conversation with the proprietor, she shared information about her other pets. She disclosed that she has an animal which she believes is not biologically related to her mother. Moreover, she suspects that the black one, who recently died due to an ailment, was the biological mother of her current pet. Apart from that, she also owns a 14-year-old miniature dachshund whom her other pet adores. They share a great bond and live harmoniously together.

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