“He Resorted to Stopping Traffic in an Effort to Save Her: A Heroic Move”

Amidst a sea of indifferent drivers, a courageous young man on a moped dared to halt the traffic and rescue a helpless kitten.


As Kevin (Kwok Kin Wai) was cruising on his moped near Lion Rock Tunnel in Hong Kong, he noticed a small kitten that was absolutely petrified and stranded in the middle of the street. While all the other drivers continued to ignore the poor creature, Kevin knew that it was imperative for him to intervene as soon as possible since the kitten’s chances of survival were slim.


As he rode his scooter down a bustling road, he noticed a small kitten in distress and quickly pulled over to help. Using hand signals, he motioned for the oncoming traffic to slow down and safely retrieved the stranded feline. With gentle care, he scooped up the furry ginger kitten and rushed back to his scooter to find it a safe home.


Kevin took to Facebook in search of the kitten’s owner, but unfortunately, no one stepped forward. Determined to help the little feline, Kevin reached out to a local rescue group volunteer who kindly offered to foster the kitten and see to its medical needs.


Kevin is a first-time cat owner, but he feels that it was meant to be when he crossed paths with his furry companion. He shared, “My family and I have decided to welcome the kitten into our home and let destiny take its course.” The kitten goes by the name of Lion, which was inspired by his discovery near the tunnel at Lion Rock.


Check out Kevin’s meeting with the kind volunteer who successfully arranged a foster home for little Lion.


Kevin is currently renovating and making his home safe for Little Lion before officially welcoming him into the family. In the meantime, Little Lion is thriving in his foster home and becoming more adorable with each passing day.

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