Healing Hound: A Heartwarming Story of a Swollen-Faced Dog and the Family Who Nursed Her Back to Health

This unfortunate individual was discovered on the streets, and while we do not know his backstory, it was clear that he required immediate assistance. We had him retrieved and transported to an emergency veterinarian. “Phoenix” is undergoing a procedure to reduce the swelling in his head. Although he possesses eyes, they are currently closed due to the severe swelling in his face. Phoenix is emaciated, and his body has wounds in various places. Day 1: Some good news! Phoenix is feeling better today! The swelling in his head is subsiding, and he has a healthy appetite. He is responding well to his medications and appears to be at ease. Day 4: Phoenix and I are en route to the veterinarian. Phoenix is now on a new antibiotic that will continue to combat the infection he is carrying. The swelling in his head has remained low, so this is great progress for Phoenix. Day 15: Phoenix has made remarkable improvements! For the first time, he willingly ventured outside. We strolled across the whole Ranch property, and Phoenix met the pigs and goats (through a gate). He was well-behaved. Phoenix isn’t fond of leashes, and you’ll see why in the video. Phoenix is now residing in a happy family that is overflowing with love! He deserves the chance to start anew in life. To learn more about Phoenix’s inspiring story, check out the video below! Special thanks to the rescuer 💚 Acknowledgments to the channel: @TheMoho ❤️ YouTube Video

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