Heartbreaking: Abandoned Golden Retriever at Beach Struggles to Walk Due to 46-Pound Tumor

This poor homeless dog had a family at one point but was left abandoned on a beach in Newport, California. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he was also carrying an extra 46 pounds due to a growth on his side. Luckily, Henry was discovered by a kind stranger who alerted Valerie Schomburg from Newport Beach Animal Control. But when the NBAC rescuers arrived, they were shocked at the state of Henry. Even though they were used to rescuing dogs in terrible conditions, nothing could have prepared them for what they saw. The tumor on Henry’s side was so massive that it was affecting his right front leg and shoulder, making it impossible for him to walk properly. Finding food and getting around was a struggle for him.

Henry’s positivity remained intact despite the numerous difficulties he encountered within a short span of time. He was always happy, wagged his tail constantly and showed love to everyone he met by slobbering kisses on them. Schomburg was able to gather ample funds for Henry’s surgery with the assistance of grants. The surgery was a success, and despite the tumor being malignant, it didn’t spread.

Henry’s operation was a triumph, and he was overjoyed that the heavy burden he’d been carrying had been lifted. With the tumor gone, he was now able to move around comfortably, weighing in at 78 pounds. He was placed in the care of a warm-hearted foster parent by the Newport Beach Animal Shelter after the surgery, and he made up for lost time with tremendous enthusiasm.

Henry gained widespread fame in his local community and even internationally after the media shared his story. He now has followers from all over the globe who express their appreciation for being motivated by his tale. Gifts and treats from various parts of the world were given to him as tokens of gratitude.

Henry passed away peacefully in his slumber, however, he lived life to the fullest and got to encounter love for the very first time. His exuberance for life was evident through his radiant grin and wagging tail that never seemed to cease.

Though it’s saddening that he passed away, there is a silver lining. Further investigation led to the discovery of Henry’s former owner. However, she is dealing with legal charges from the OC District Attorney’s Office.

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