Heartbreaking Discovery: Dog With Enormous Tumor Requires Leg Amputation for Life-Saving Treatment.

In the Phetchabun Province of Thailand, rescuers came across a homeless dog struggling to move due to a large tumor. The poor dog had been living with this painful condition for quite some time but unfortunately, no one had come forward to offer any assistance.

It was a lengthy 6-hour journey for the rescue team to transport her over 455.5 kilometers from Phetchabun province to Pattaya for medical attention.

Small cancerous tumors have been identified by vets, including ones on her leg that are difficult to cure. Sadly, a large growth on her abdomen caused her to lead a miserable life, ultimately leaving her homeless and starving on the streets.

The poor thing was clearly upset and in pain while at the veterinarian’s office, which could be seen in her facial expression. Nonetheless, she managed to consume a decent portion of her meal.

According to the veterinarians, they had to amputate her leg to cure her and get rid of the cancerous growths in her body.

Despite the fact that the injuries have healed, she has made considerable progress a month following a triumphant surgery and the extraction of the tumor.

As she takes her first steps, she’s acquainting herself with her newfound tripod form…

The plan is to send her back to Phetchabun province, where she will be given a new home and provided with long-term care.

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