Heartbreaking Sight: Abandoned Dog with Injured Legs Cries Out for Help Due to Hunger and Thirst

Numerous wounded and abandoned animals roam the streets and come across kind-hearted people who wish to lend a helping hand, but unfortunately, they are unable to provide necessary aid due to limited resources.

Scooter, the adorable pup, had encountered a major injury and someone had tried to assist him with the necessary treatment but couldn’t finish it due to some unforeseen circumstances.

When they found her on the streets of Kolkata, India, she was in a terrible condition. Her hind legs were bound, rendering her immobile, and one of her many injuries had become infected and was being consumed by maggots. When kind-hearted individuals stumbled upon her, they believed that she had been attacked by another canine.

The adorable Scooter was tenderly taken to a veterinary clinic and given medical care for her two hind legs that were fractured and septic wounds. The process of healing for this unfortunate dog was lengthy.

After undergoing months of treatment, Scooter was finally ready to be adopted into a family. Alexandra Gade took care of her during this time and eventually transferred her to Virginia where she found her new forever home. She was given the name Dobby by her new family. This heartwarming story was reported by Paw My Gosh.

Dobby’s early life was filled with hardship and adversity as a young pup wandering the streets. The visible scars she bears serve as a reminder of the difficult times she faced. Your help in spreading her story will pay tribute to the courageous individuals who saved, nurtured and ultimately welcomed her into their homes.

The recovery of Dobby can be witnessed in the following video, which is truly remarkable.

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