Heartwarming Footage of Rescued Blind Special Needs Kitten Embracing Her New Home with Gratitude and Joy

Get to know our adorable kitten of the month, Halo, sponsored by Meow Mail! Her story is nothing short of miraculous. Despite her special needs, Halo was able to overcome a traumatic brain injury and avoid being euthanized at a kill shelter. Read on to discover how the kindness and perseverance of a few special individuals helped Halo live her best life.

A Surprising Find
When Sarah Richardson, the rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central Arkansas, was contacted by a local shelter about a kitten in danger of being euthanized, she immediately took action. The kitten, who was later given the name Halo, had an unusual tilt to her head and struggled to walk steadily. The shelter staff were not equipped to deal with Halo’s condition, so they informed Sarah that she would be put down unless a rescue group stepped in to save her. Despite not knowing any of the details about the kitten’s background at the time, Sarah made the decision to save Halo and promised to arrive at the shelter within the hour.

An hour after the incident, Sarah arrived to evaluate the condition of little Halo. According to her, Halo was terrified and reacted defensively when Sarah tried to approach her. However, the kitten eventually calmed down and started purring once she felt more comfortable with Sarah’s presence. To Sarah’s surprise, she discovered that Halo was either visually impaired or completely blind. After securing the kitten safely, Sarah inquired about the reason behind Halo’s presence at the shelter, which revealed an alarming truth.

Unveiling a Puzzling Situation
Sarah shared that the shelter received a call from an individual who found Halo at a nearby park. However, Sarah couldn’t help but feel skeptical about the story since the park was situated in a non-residential area. She added that one would need to drive to reach this spot. As the park belonged to the city, Sarah and the staff had the privilege to ask for surveillance footage of the day when Halo was discovered. After reviewing the footage, they were taken aback to see that someone had abandoned Halo in the park, leaving her perplexed and lost.

Upon witnessing the footage of Halo’s abandonment, Sarah was deeply disturbed and motivated to rescue her. The poor dog was left alone, visually impaired and unable to walk without stumbling. Unfortunately, the security camera footage was not clear enough to identify the perpetrator who committed such an inhumane act. While seeking justice for Halo, Sarah highlighted that Arkansas law is insufficient in prosecuting animal cruelty cases. However, their primary focus now is aiding Halo’s complete recovery. After taking Halo directly to a vet, several tests were carried out as her head tilt and unstable gait initially suggested cerebellar hypoplasia. But later, it was discovered that she suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Although she initially received treatment with steroids and antibiotics, halfway through the procedure, Sarah noticed something was amiss. Halo’s seizures had begun, prompting Sarah to take her to a specialist.

After diagnosing Halo with a traumatic brain injury, the vet uncovered some new information that shed light on her condition. Apparently, there is either an ear polyp or tumor deep in Halo’s ear that is impacting her brain. To determine the root cause of the issue, a special ear scope must be utilized while Halo is under anesthesia. Although putting special needs cats with neurological conditions under anesthesia poses a risk, it is worth it to improve Halo’s quality of life. Thankfully, the vet has agreed to use the scope and perform surgery to remove the polyp/tumor during the same appointment. This surgery offers Halo the best chance of preventing her condition from worsening and reversing much of the existing damage.

Halo is about to undergo surgery in a few weeks. But for the time being, she’s enjoying all the love and care in her foster home. Sarah, her caretaker, mentioned that the vet has assured them that the surgery is essential. With this operation, Halo will regain some of her eyesight, have better balance, and improve her head tilt. It’s quite challenging for Halo at present as she even struggles to climb into her litter box without falling over. Let’s all help Halo live happily ever after!

Assistance is needed for the cat, as she tends to fall into her food bowl while eating without aid. Sarah, the owner, has already spent a considerable sum on medication and veterinary consultations. However, Sarah believes that it is essential to provide the cat with a better quality of life, even if it implies raising more funds. You can support Sarah and Community Cats of Central Arkansas by using our Meow Mail program to donate towards Halo’s surgery, medication, or food. Your donation of as low as $10 will allow you to receive progress updates along with adorable pictures of Halo’s improvement. It is recommended that you make a regular contribution to get Meow Mail each month, allowing you to help more cats and kittens in critical conditions in the future.

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