Heartwarming tale of a mother dog’s love: her desperate attempt to rescue her puppy from the slaughterhouse leads to a feverish ordeal.

On his Facebook page, a male singer shared a touching image of a mother dog trying to free her puppy from an iron cage. The dog was pregnant and feared for her life as she was trapped inside the cage. Despite giving birth to her puppy, she was unable to remove it from the unpleasant environment. This heart-wrenching photo quickly gained popularity, receiving 1000 likes, numerous shares, and multiple comments within an hour of being posted.

The distressing picture depicts a small dog that looks terrified, as it tries to squeeze its head through the narrow iron bars of the cramped cage it was born in. As I stood beside the mother dog, I witnessed the puppy’s ordeal as it struggled to break free from its confinement. The image of the mother dog crouching down next to her pup and watching helplessly is enough to make anyone feel emotional. It’s heart-wrenching to imagine the puppy being deprived of its mother’s nourishing milk, and the agony the mother must be feeling seeing her little one suffer and inch closer to death. Why did this innocent creature have to endure such a harsh beginning to life when it had only just entered the world?

The sight of a helpless puppy with shut eyes inside the “death” truck has stirred up a lot of outrage among animal enthusiasts. There are many who strongly disagree with the practice of consuming dog meat and have expressed their dissatisfaction. They fail to comprehend the cultural acceptance of dog meat consumption in Asian countries and believe that these furry companions deserve a safe and affectionate home. A significant number of people also believe that the consumption of dog meat should be forbidden. According to them, animals that are close to humans and are considered friendly should not be slaughtered for food. Instead, they suggest opting for animals that breed quickly and are easy to maintain in terms of health and quantity.

I sincerely wish that those who use dogs as drivers would have a change of heart and release these innocent animals from their captivity.

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