“Instantly Smitten: Meet the Beloved Pooch You Can’t Help but Adore”

Adorable Perfection: Meet the Dog with the World's Most Wrinkled Fur, Radiating Unmatched Cuteness. _The dogs

Upon initial observation, it’s difficult to distinguish this fluffy bundle as a furry Shar Pei pup. Harvey, a 6-month-old pet belonging to Teresa Moll Arguimbau, age 22 hailing from Menorca, Spain, closely resembles a neatly folded blanket due to his incredibly soft fur.

Harvey is a one-of-a-kind dog whose appearance sets him apart from other canines. His owner, Arguimbau, loves taking care of him, making sure that he is pampered from head to toe. One of the unique features of Harvey is his wrinkles, which Arguimbau finds beautiful and soft to the touch. However, these wrinkles can sometimes be a hassle, as water tends to flow through them when Harvey drinks. To keep him clean and fresh, Chloe, Harvey’s mother, has to lick the water off his wrinkles. To maintain his fur’s uniqueness, Arguimbau applies moisturizer to it twice a day. It’s interesting to know that Shar Pei dogs, like Harvey, originated in the Far East with relatively few wrinkles, but breeders have developed different varieties over time.

Adorable Perfection: Meet the Dog with the World's Most Wrinkled Fur, Radiating Unmatched Cuteness. _The dogs

Arguimbau frequently posts cute photos of her family’s furry friends on her social media. Additionally, she enjoys providing helpful suggestions and advice to other pet owners about how to properly care for their four-legged companions.

Шарпей Харви

According to Arguimbau, online friendships may not bring a lot of affection, but he was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful community that feels like family. He enjoys chatting and interacting with them daily, which allows him to gain new knowledge and share his experiences, particularly about Harvey’s daily life.

Шарпей Паддингтон фото

Harvey enjoys soaking up the sun and visiting the shore, but he has to be careful due to his skin’s sensitivity to sunlight.

Шарпей Паддингтон Инстаграм

Harvey’s online photos have caught the eye of many internet users. But it’s not just in the virtual world where Harvey is well-known – he’s also a bit of a celebrity on his small island home. According to Arguimbau, who takes care of Harvey, living in a tight-knit community means everyone knows and loves Harvey. Despite being popular, Harvey’s family is now quite small as both his siblings, Dona and Louis, have moved out. When Harvey was younger, he had some vision problems which required a visit to the vet for treatment.

Шарпей Паддингтон Инстаграм

Arguimbau mentioned that Dona and Louis, the siblings of Harvey, did not have any issues with their vision, but Harvey did. Compared to his siblings, Harvey had more wrinkles on his skin. During the first couple of months, he was unable to see anything. Arguimbau took him to the vet every week for medication, antibiotics, and ointment to treat his vision. However, after some time, Harvey’s sight improved, though one of his eyes still has some clarity issues. Despite his eye problem, Harvey is a unique and adorable Shar Pei puppy renowned for his soft skin and wrinkly appearance, which draws attention both online and offline. Arguimbau takes excellent care of him and shares her knowledge and experiences with other pet owners.

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