Introducing Salvador Dolly: The Adorable Puppy with an Epic Handlebar Mustache from the Shelter

A few weeks ago, Hearts Bones Rescue took in a stray Shepherd mix and brought it to Dallas Animal Services. Recently, the dog surprised everyone by delivering 11 beautiful puppies. But what caught everyone’s attention was a unique feature of one of the puppies – it has a big black patch on its face that looks exactly like a handlebar mustache.

Consequently, the canine was bestowed with the moniker Salvador Dolly, inspired by the famed Spanish artist Salvador Dali. Besides his artwork, Dali was recognized for sporting a unique mustache.

Due to the constant influx of stray animals at the shelter, the staff were eager to find them permanent homes as soon as possible. Fortunately, a kind foster family graciously offered to host this particular family temporarily until they could be adopted into their forever home.

By the end of August, Salvador Dolly along with her mother and siblings will be up for adoption. The puppies are currently being closely monitored while they’re still feeding. Their mother is being looked after and given the right nourishment to ensure she’s strong enough to take care of all of them.

Salvador Dolly has received multiple applications and inquiries for adoption, but it will be a while before she and her family are relocated to New York. While the volunteers taking care of the litter are thrilled for Salvador Dolly, they are also hopeful that her ten siblings and mother are also given the same amount of love and care as Salvador Dolly, who has become quite popular.

All of them are searching for a place to call their own, and the best part is that they bring with them boundless licks, furry hugs, and unwavering affection.

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