Lonely Stray Cat Finds Companionship and a Forever Home Through a Screen Door

For his entire existence, Maurice was a street cat, always on guard and uncertain of where to belong. However, his fate took an interesting turn when two pet cats caught his attention from the other side of a door. From that day forward, the once wary feline’s life was transformed forever.

Last year, Maurice regularly visited Valerie May whenever she tended to her garden. However, his attention soon shifted towards two cats who were inside the house. May mentioned that Maurice would often chirp at the felines through the screen door, and surprisingly, her cats were not bothered by him and appeared to be interested in him.

May welcomed Maurice into her home after a couple of weeks. Despite May’s efforts to locate Maurice’s origins by asking the neighbors and scanning him for a microchip, his past remained unknown.

Initially, Maurice was distant and not fond of being petted, but he soon adjusted to his new life. He now sleeps inside and even shares the bed with his owners. Maurice spends time with Fifi and Muggsy in their secure backyard. He appears content with his new family. After being rescued, Maurice has undergone an incredible transformation. His coat is now thick and shiny, and he no longer searches for food. May finds it satisfying that a once-homeless cat is now safe and cared for. During his transitional phase, May spends as much time as she can with him to help him become tamed and trust them.

May was introduced to Maurice by her feline companion, Edie, several years ago. Unfortunately, Edie passed away due to health problems, and Maurice went missing for a while. However, he eventually returned and is now ready to embrace new feline friends and the joys of living indoors. Although he misses Edie dearly, Maurice is eager to explore new experiences and adventures.

According to May, Maurice started coming to the alley every night for dinner and has been a regular guest since then. May feels content that they can provide him with something he has been longing for a long time, and she hopes that no animal should go through such loneliness. May is excited to see how Maurice’s personality unfolds as he becomes more self-assured and comfortable with them.

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