Lost and Abandoned: A Heartbreaking Tale of a Puppy Found Injured and Alone.

Children Found Him Cried In A Dirty Puddle With An Ear And His Little Tail Cut Off…

It’s hard not to feel your heart break when you hear about the plight of Juno. The innocent little puppy was found in a dirty puddle by some children, crying out in pain and agony. His ear and his little tail had been cruelly cut off with scissors just days before. How could anyone do such a thing?

Thankfully, there are good people in this world who care. Volunteers took Juno to the clinic, where he received an X-ray that confirmed fractures in his pelvis and leg. He also had terrible fresh wounds all over his back, which were drained and cleaned under sedation.

The next step is to move him to the Komondor veterinary clinic, where specialists will fix his bones and help him recover from his injuries. Despite the pain and trauma he has endured, Juno will soon be able to forget about the nightmare he has been through.

It’s important to remember that behind every rescue animal is a story of suffering and neglect, but also hope and compassion. If you’re able to donate to help Juno and other animals like him, it can make a world of difference. Every little bit counts.

Let’s all come together to support Juno during his recovery and send him all our love and good wishes. He deserves nothing less after what he’s been through.

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