Lost and Hungry: A Little Puppy’s Search for Her Beloved Owner

A little puppy named Akun was found wandering the streets, starved and with nowhere to go. Despite her dire circumstances, she was still looking for her owner. Unfortunately, someone had hit her and she had a wound on her head.

Thankfully, she was rescued by PAIS – Protetores dos Animais, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Campo Mourão, Brazil. When they found her, she was too weak to even lift her head, but they were able to give her a medical injection to help her feel better.

Despite the injection, Akun was still restless and unable to sleep. It was clear that she had been through a lot and needed help.

PAIS – Protetores dos Animais is dedicated to rescuing animals in need, and they work tirelessly to find forever homes for all of their rescues. If you’re interested in adopting an animal from them, you can check out their adoption page on Instagram at @adote_paiscm.

In addition to helping animals find homes, PAIS – Protetores dos Animais also relies on donations to continue their important work. If you’d like to contribute, you can use their Chave PIX: (44) 99937-7075 or PicPay: @pais_cm.

Let’s all work together to help animals like Akun who have been neglected and abandoned. They deserve love, care, and a happy home where they can thrive.

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