Meet Chata, the charming feline who snoozes like a person, captivating the hearts of Instagram followers with her captivating persona.

Cat enthusiasts all know that felines have a special affection for sleeping. They don’t care about the time of day; they’ll sleep whenever they please and wherever they can fit, whether it be on our beds, floors, or even laptops, much to our chagrin. Nonetheless, we are content with their snoozing because there is nothing more precious than the sight of a cat at rest. And now, there’s one more kitten that has added to the cuteness factor of cat naps! This kitten named Chata has a unique sleeping style that makes it even more adorable; it sleeps on its back like a little human. Pictures of this sweet sleeping position on Instagram went viral, and it’s no surprise, considering how cute Chata is. We’ve rounded up some lovely photos of this little ball of joy for you to enjoy. As if Chata wasn’t already cute enough, it insists on sleeping on its back.

The cute little feline appears to be making a valiant effort to snooze in a human-like manner.

He always sleeps in a supine position, no matter the time or place.

Maybe he’s always on high alert, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike!

Chata thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with his dear sister, Chava.

After all the exhilarating adventures, it is important for them to take some short naps.

The adorable little feet are just too irresistible not to touch!

He appears to be very calm and at ease. I wouldn’t want to disturb his peaceful slumber and disrupt his handsome appearance.

We were already convinced that kittens are adorable, but then we stumbled upon this little ball of fluff.

There are plenty of delightful unexpected moments that make life so wonderful.


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