“Miraculous Rescue: Stray Puppy Survives Frigid Night and Car Accident After 12-Hour Ordeal”

A little puppy was hit by a car and remained motionless in the snow for 12 hours. The incident occurred in a village located in northern Alberta, Canada, which resulted in her pelvis being shattered. Due to freezing temperatures and her inability to move, her chances of survival seemed bleak. Fortunately, a group of teenagers spotted her and informed AB Task Force, who then contacted Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). According to AARCS, “She remained stranded in the cold for almost 12 hours until rescuers arrived and transported her to SAVEvet.” Her body heat caused the snow surrounding her to melt.

Nutmeg, the adorable puppy, was overjoyed to encounter her saviors upon being discovered.

As Nutmeg is recovering from her broken pelvis, AARCS has recommended that she be placed on crate rest for a period of six weeks. This means that she will need to be given plenty of snacks, love, and back strokes during this time in order to help with her healing process.

Check out Nutmeg enjoying her well-deserved attention and treats! Once she has fully recovered, she will be up for adoption. You can learn more about AARCS and their incredible work on their website.

Exciting news! AARCS recently shared an update and heartwarming video (see below) about Nutmeg. They joyfully announced that she has been adopted and has found her forever home! Share her inspiring rescue story with your loved ones and spread the happiness.

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